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#SelectionDay: Newcomer Yash Dholye Drops the Details in an Exclusive Interview!

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#SelectionDay: Yash Dholye Drops the Details on His Life and Much More for Fans!

Selection Day created quite a buzz across India and the globe. Airing on Netflix in December 2018 the nail-biting plot evolves around two brothers aspiring to woefully realize their slightly psychotic father’s dream of becoming cricketers. The show rocks some unlikely twists and turns. The show introduces us to the one and only Yash Dholye who plays Radha Kumar. Radha is an obedient young man that is rather focused on his career as a cricketer.

Yash hails from South Mumbai and took up theater in his college days where he spent a significant amount of time working in or hanging around the theater. The Selection Day Star completed his schooling at St. Theresa High school and Graduated from D.G Ruparel College. The young talent was never keen on  becoming an actor but instead he wanted to become a pilot in the Indian Air force. The twenty-two year old star hails from a middle-class Maharashtrain family and is the only child. Ladies don’t worry he is currently SINGLE! Yash also plays the tabla aside from being a talented actor.

  Selection Day Star Yash Dholye!

Urban Asian Spoke Exclusively to Yash Dholye & Here is What He has to Say!

“Like memories it very difficult to pinpoint any particular person or persons. I try to look up to everyone and learn from everyone in whatever capacity I can. I feel we can have inspiration from anyone and at the same time from everyone.” – Yash Dholye

It was a hell of a experience. It was so amazing to be a part of selection. So much to learn, so much to explore. Everyone in the team was so kind, supportive and welcoming. Never felt like professionally I am new to acting or in this industry. We also had the freedom on voicing out our opinion creatively wherever possible. It is something that will stay with me for life. – Yash Dholye on His Experience Working on Selection Day

I was never keen on making a career in performing arts or acting to be precise though I always loved performin, I wanted to join Indian Air force and be a fighter pilot. I’m am still very passionate  about planes. In 8th grade when I attended a theater workshop conducted by a well known theater director and at that time and felt like I should try a career in acting because of my weak eye sight, and wasn’t also not that interested in studies. – Yash on how his Career in Acting Began

It has not changed very much. It  is pretty much the same as it was before selection day. Yes, people do recognize me sometimes and appreciate my acting . It feels good to know that they have loved our efforts and our show – Yash on How his life has changed Post Selection Day!

I think they are happy and proud. They surely have loved the show . When It comes to my acting they never say anything good even if they have loved it but they openly critic me. – Yash on his families reaction to Selection Day!

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