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Titas Bhowmik spills on what it’s like to be an actress during COVID-19 & more

We had a chat with Titas Bhowmik, a star actress in several Bengali films, including the recently released It’s Complicated webseries.

1) Tell us how you got into acting! Why do you still do it today?

Acting was the only thing I ever wanted to do since I was a little girl. I was brought up in Darjeeling but shifted to Kolkata after my class twelve (12) to pursue acting along with my studies and things followed of course with a lot of perseverance, heartbreaks and hard work.
Why do I still do it today is an interesting question, makes me think, never actually thought about it. Well, it still makes me happy, gives me a different high. When am facing the camera I actually forget things around me… it’s my own little world of creating something. Actually, the whole process of film making is so amazing, what would I wake up to every morning if not this.

2) How have you had to adapt your career in times of COVID-19?

It’s pretty difficult with so many restrictions… social distancing even on the shooting floors, masks, extra precautions. Making films or creating what we create is super challenging but we are finding our way out. It’s been more than a month we began shooting and am happy I did, I have learnt to keep my fears aside and understand how to protect myself and live with it. I cannot even begin to imagine how the COVID warriors have been fighting this war nonstop for the past four months, it is insane but if we are a little responsible we might just be able to help them and ourselves by bringing the number down.

Titas Bhowmik
Titas Bhowmik

3) What is one unique aspect of yourself that no one really knows about you? Why do you treasure that piece of yourself?

Well, I am not sure if I can call this unique but in spite of all the love I have for the craft, the admirations, the attention, (little local 🤪) fame, money we get as actors or entertainers I still have butterflies when I start a new show or character. The nervousness, eagerness or the excitement, nothing has changed in me compared to the first time I faced the camera years ago. Of course it doesn’t probably show now but I still am sleepless the night before I start a new project.
I hope this never changes, I hope I never become complacent about my work because that is the day am as good as dead and also I hope I overcome this little pride I have (i just realized while answering this) about not changing. 🤣

4) What are your passions outside of acting?

The entire process of film making. It’s Complicated has been one such project, my first, have been a part of it from scratch… till it was released and even now. It’s amazing.
Traveling… someday I will set out on a long journey.
Food… I want to own a food truck.
Babies… I want to open a creche/ orphanage and an old age home together. They will give company to each other and I will be surrounded by babies.
This list is getting longer I should stop. Next.

Titas Bhowmik
Titas Bhowmik

5) What is one memorable moment you’ve had with a fan?

I was doing a serial where I was playing a comic- negative character. One evening, at one of the city malls… an old lady, almost my grandmothers age caught hold of me and gave me a light little slap on my cheek, everyone around us stopped in their tracks. I was in shock, she then told me this is for all the naughty things you do and then she leaned over and kissed my cheek saying you are so amazing I don’t know whether I should rebuke you or protect your innocence. I, in real life, am nothing close to that character I was playing. So this reaction from an audience was one of the greatest rewards ever.

6) Funniest moment when filming It’s Complicated?

Well, I guess I missed out on all the fun trying to find my inner “machine” self. I was down with a bad cold, coughing throughout the making of the film and controlling them in the scenes. My throat was so bad I ended up asking my director, can your AI cough. 🤣🙈 He said NO!! I was like… ah ok!!!
If you notice the party montage scene, everyone was going crazy cracking lame jokes (because that was the scene… have fun) and I was sitting there all straight and sober.

7) If you had to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Hahaha… my slogan will keep changing every year. I want to believe that my life is too exciting to be defined by just one single slogan. 🙈

8) Any advice for aspiring actresses?

I do lookout for fresh talents who are passionate about the craft and will keep pushing them or helping them in my own little ways but no advises, to each his own. The best part of life is to trip, fall, rise and trip again. I just hope and wish we can create an atmosphere where our following generations are not afraid to follow their heart and dreams.

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