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The new three-part Bengali webseries, It’s Complicated, released on July 10, and since then, it has garnered thousands of views. The series covered the story of four main characters, Vivek, Sohail, Anmol, and Pari, starring Rahul Dev Bose, Titas Bhowmik, Roosha Chatterjee, and Aryan D Roy. Vivek and Anmol, a married couple, come to visit Vivek’s old friend, Sohail, who is in a relationship with Pari. The story then proceeds for three 15-minute clips, with a surprise twist at the end.

It's Complicated Cast

It’s Complicated exemplifies a masterpiece of videography, in nearly every aspect. In fact, this series was filmed as an experiment for the actors. There was no script provided, excluding a general plot outline. The rest was entirely improvised by the stunning actors and actresses. Throughout the series, the crew also stepped in to talk about the experiment and how they shot the series. So, how did they do it?


The overall plot was quite interesting and despite not having a concrete script, it moved along at a fitting pace. The first two episodes were quite simply plot-wise. There was a sense of suspense and tension, but viewers couldn’t figure out what exactly was happening until the last installment. However, the first two episodes kept me hooked the entire time. Dev Bose, Bhowmik, Chatterjee, and Roy, all did a wonderful job at not only acting as their characters, but building a beautiful script as they went. The experiment, in my opinion, was a huge success.

It's Complicated Cast


One of my most favorite parts of this series were the characters, who were generally gripping and suspenseful. Viewers can tell that there’s a deeper story there to be told, which is revealed for the most part in the finale. This does fade as the show goes on and viewers find out less and less about the characters, and get more confused.

However, there was also a specific balance between the characters that made so much sense. For example, Pari was the light in the show, her humor and lightheartedness distracts viewers from the mystery aspect of the show. This made for a more overall well-rounded show, and character dynamics. 

Music & Cinematography

There was practically no music throughout the show, except for the most important scenes, or the scenes without dialogue. For example, in part two, an upbeat soundtrack played in the background while the characters drank alcohol and partied. Personally, I loved the contrast between the natural sounds of the filming and the music overlaid within scenes. It provided for a more raw series that felt more real.

The cinematography, on the other hand, was not my most favorite. Of course, the scenes were vibrant and filmed beautifully. However, the footage of the crew filming and notes from the producers and directors were not necessary and distracted from the plotline. To me, it would make more sense to add that in one compact video, after the series. However, the videography itself was done incredibly well. 

The “It” Factor

The only part of this series that was really missing was this. Though the stellar acting and cinematography were there, the series, unfortunately, fails to connect with the viewers. Instead of building up the characters so that viewers can get to know them, I felt that we jumped in to the story a little too early. However, I do admit that I was hooked the entire time, although others may find the series a bit too vague.

Overall, I did enjoy the series, and I highly recommend readers to view the series. I found it a fun experiment to watch and the series did have some substance.

It’s Complicated was definitely complicated, but was an exciting series filled with suspense and mystery that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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