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#Exclusive: Selection Day’s Karanvir Malhotra: “Selection Day Was All Heart. Playing Cricket & Performing Are Things I Love The Most!”

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Karanvir Malhotra:“I Think I’m an Accidental Actor”

Selection Day, a well-constructed response to everything India is crazy about, God, Cricket and Science. This nail-biting Netflix Original has just entered India’s top fifty shows, in my humble opinion I strongly believe that it should be in the top five. The series is a take on Arvind Adiga‘s award-winning book, titled Selection Day. The series is truly outstanding, touching on everything from social and parental pressures to domestic violence. In this truly outstanding series, there is one such actor who stands out from the crowd and that’s none other than Karanvir Malhotra. Karanvir’s Selection Day character Javed Ansari is loved by many as he is seen in a negative role often termed as the ‘bully’, yet there’s something intriguing about his character, its rather different. He seems troubled, he’s bossy, but he seems to be rather sensitive and honest.

It’s very rare you find a person so humble and so talented at the same time, but Selection Day’s Karanvir Malhotra is one such rarity. Coming from humble beginnings, he’s well-grounded and such an inspiration. Originally from Delhi. Karanvir migrated to Australia with his family a few years ago. The Selection Day star had multiple jobs in Melbourne to help support the family, from working in a factory to working for the Indian Film Festival in Australia. His story is truly motivational and inspiring!

Intrigued by Karanvir’s Character Javed Ansari, I Decided to Reach Out for an Interview. I can Assure You that Karanvir Malhotra Will Indeed Surprise You!


One memory that I have about wanting to be an actor was when I was working in Melbourne as a factory worker, a chicken factory actually. My job was to pack boxes and I worked there with my dad and because I was so fed up of that life, we used to wake up as early as four or five. There used to be long shifts of twelve hours. Whilst doing that I realized that there was something missing in my life and thats how I found my calling, that I want to do theatre, because thats a place where I can express myself so that I can I channel all my energy in a more creative way. I’ve been in theatre since school. – Karanvir  on what inspired him to become an actor.

It’s it’s very erratic actually because you don’t have any set times at work so it can either start at five in the morning or it can start as late as eight at night. So it’s very erratic. The days I’m not shooting I just tend to relax. I tend to read something or watch something, just talk to my family or workout. So yeah it’s it’s very erratic shoot days are usually ten to twelve hours long, when that’s happening I’m obviously continuously shooting so I don’t get a lot of time to do other things. tend to sleep very late at night. I sleep at  around three or four. I don’t wake up that late as well actually, I wake up at around  09:15 so I sleep less but the sleep that I have it sustains me for the day – Karanvir on a what a day in his life is like.

My mom comes from an army background. Her whole thing for me has always been for me to study and get  a good education, I also believe in a good education. My mom is a very good friend of mine and I can talk to her about anything, she advises me or scolds me, or she says whatever she wants to say to me as well. So I think she is a biggest support in my life and I hope that they they they feel good about my acting. She wishes me well on some days and also tells me what am I doing in life on other days. It’s a mixed bag that we share, but I’m sure that whatever it is she blesses me with all the good things that a person can bless a person with. – Karanvir on his family and their support with regards to his career

I’m a huge fan of Leonardo Dicaprio, I watch all his movies and still watch all his movies. As a kid I thought that I resemble him the most, it was quite a misconception. He is someone who’s really inspired me and. He still does.  I like Matthew McConaughey,  Daniel Day Lewis and Anthony Hopkins.  In India. I love Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Irfan Khan. And yeah. I have a lot of actors that inspire me, infact I think every actor inspires me – Karanvir on actors that inspire him

I didn’t have a place to stay  When I came back to India. I was staying at a production house for almost a year. Thats when the producers of Delhi Crime gave me a place to stay  and I think they comforted me a lot.  I feel like I’ve completed a  circle of life, because I used to pick up these Bollywood  stars and directors from the airport and escort them to their hotel rooms because they were apart of the Indian Film Festival, I used to drive them around, I used to go up early in the morning to pick them up with a placard in my hand saying Indian Film Festival in Melbourne. I was so surprised when my producers came to pick me up from the airport. I felt that I started a new circle of life coming here, and I’ll be very excited to see where it leads me – Karanvir on What has Changed Since He Moved Back to India from Melbourne

It’s a coming of age series. It’s a series that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, it’s also a story that hasn’t been touched that often in India. Even if it has, its is a story which has a very different dimension and a very different perspective towards things. It’s a fun story but at the same time it’s about dreams It’s about ambition. It’s about being yourself, choosing where you are which is extremely important in life. I think it’s a story that will inspire people who want to be themselves or those who are on the path of choosing who they want to become as well as, people who have probably more experience and a little older and they can ponder about what they did or did not do in their lives, when they were say in their twenties. So it’s a story that can be enjoyed by all. It’s a fun story and it’s it’s heart-warming.  –       Karanvir  on how he would describe Selection Day

I have done a series with Kabir Khan called the Forgotten Army which should be out later this year and I’m also currently shooting for another episodic series called The Odds, that has been produced by filmKaravan who has produced Delhi Crime. – Karanvir on what we can expect from him in the future

I would  want my fans to know that I am extremely happy and extremely thankful to all of them, for giving me so much love after selection day. It’s very overwhelming.  I’m on cloud nine. I would say I’m just so grateful and  thankful that they liked my work, I hope that I can keep producing, keep acting, and keep creating work which is appreciated and liked and makes people happy, makes them have a good time. – Karanvir on what he would like to tell his fans


Karanvir has a special quality about him, something I can’t quite put my finger on, but that’s the thing with dark horses no one sees them at first. They just surprise you. He has this stunning personality, he’s quite warm and comfortable in his skin. This is another thing that makes him so intriguing, as young as he is, he’s certain, his personality gleams with certainty, unlike other stars out there, he’s somewhat surrounded by an air of mystery, or maybe it’s his humbleness and dreamy eyes that make him rather desirable, but in my experience it’s his ability portray his role as Javed Ansari with such ease that makes him shine as an actor. His talent speaks for itself, he’s a diamond in the rough, in an onset to stardom.
With the onset of social media determining the careers of entertainers today, Karanvir has the potential to make it in the roughs of India’s entertainment industry. The twenty three year old has the grit and determination needed to overcome any industry setbacks. His future is bright indeed, we’re expecting to see a lot of him in the near future. Selection Day is indeed Karanvir’s  stepping stone in the right direction, I’d like to see him in larger ventures, hopefully in Bollywood. He’s indeed built from all the ingredients needed for a 21st century Bollywood superstar.
Want to know more about Karanvir Malhotra, don’t worry we’ve got more exclusives coming up!

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