Posted on October 30, 2018 at 2:22 pm

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#UrbanAsian: Natania Lalwani tells us to break on the ‘Yellow Light’

Natania Lalwani is back with another Pop track! We are digging the beat and it’s a cool tune for a long drive! We last spoke with her in March of 2018 about her last single. Natania Lalwani – a name to remember as we told you in March is driving the charts up with more cool POP flavor!!

Natania is a Pop artist/Songwriter from India based in Los Angeles. After the success of her last single “Mess Me Up” that released on Lowly and premiered on Rolling Stone India and VH1, she is gearing up to release her new single “Talking” with Lowly Palace on March 30th which is also dropping here on! Stay tuned as you want to hear these lyrics that will blow you away!



Her single “Mess Me Up” received over 500k views in the first week and got picked up on playlists by Spotify. She had songs release with artists like Stolar, Brooke Williams, Neo-Noir all 2017. Most recently she wrote the song “When I Was Young” by Neo-Noir that peaked at #3 on the Spotify US and Global Viral charts. Lalwani penned Music for the official trailer for “Heart Of Man” that went to #1 on iTunes. Her songs have placed on TV Shows such as the”X Factor”, “Late Night With Seth Myers”, “Younger”, GMA, “Teen Mom” and “Big Brother”. Her music has been featured on VH1, Radio One, Rolling Stone, Vogue etc. Lalwani has also been nominated for the prestigious GIMA award and was the winner of MTV’s Project Aloft Star.

‘Yellow Lights’

Now she is back with another cool POP tune‘Yellow Lights’ – a tune about a guy who gives her sleepless nights and letting him know about a stop on life! Green Light, Nope, Red Light, Nope – but yes Yellow Lights! Gotta hit those BREAKS!

Let us know what you think of her new tune! Time to put those breaks on the Yellow Lights!

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