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#Music:The Secret Of Natania Lalwani’s Pop Life!

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#Music: The Secret Of Natania Lalwani’s Pop Life!

We don’t know about you – but we really enjoyed this girls talent and voice and creativity! Natania Lalwani – a name to remember! Natania is a Pop artist/Songwriter from India based in Los Angeles. After the success of her last single “Mess Me Up” that released on Lowly and premiered on Rolling Stone India and VH1, she is gearing up to release her new single “Talking” with Lowly Palace on March 30th which is also dropping here on! Stay tuned as you want to hear these lyrics that will blow you away!

Her single “Mess Me Up” received over 500k views in the first week and got picked up on playlists by Spotify. She had songs release with artists like Stolar, Brooke Williams, Neo-Noir all 2017. Most recently she wrote the song “When I Was Young” by Neo-Noir that peaked at #3 on the Spotify US and Global Viral charts. Lalwani penned Music for the official trailer for “Heart Of Man” that went to #1 on iTunes. Her songs have placed on TV Shows such as the”X Factor”, “Late Night With Seth Myers”, “Younger”, GMA, “Teen Mom” and “Big Brother”. Her music has been featured on VH1, Radio One, Rolling Stone, Vogue etc. Lalwani has also been nominated for the prestigious GIMA award and was the winner of MTV’s Project Aloft Star.


Check out our chat with the lovely and young and talented Natania Lalwani as we find out all about her POP LIFE! 


At the age of 25, you have already accomplished a lot. You were named Best Pop artist in 2014 and 2015. How does that feel?

Thank you! It felt amazing and just helped remind me that I was on the right path, but I feel like I’m just getting started. I love celebrating every victory (the tiny and the big ones) for a moment but then I always ask myself what’s next?

What made you go into pop music at such a young age and why the shift from Mumbai to LA?

I’ve always loved music, I’ve had headphones on my ears for as long as I can remember (didn’t go down too well on family car rides) and I’ve always been a sucker for a good pop song. At the time, India didn’t have a lot of western music or an education for it so I moved to LA for college and then started doing music full-time!




Who are your inspirations?

I listen to so much music and I’m always on a Spotify hunt!  When I first started writing my inspirations were Coldplay, Ingrid Michaelson, Ed Sheeran etc. There are so many new artists now that I’m constantly inspired by! Some are Lauv, LANY, Julia Michaels, Dua Lipa!


Your track ‘Cherry Love’ really made me press repeat a few times as the lyrics are very catchy! I also dig the concept of the video with the lyrical wording. It reminded me of Avril Lavigne! 🙂 What made you come up with these lyrics and was this the first track you launched when you became a singer?

Thank you so much! Yes! This was my first ever release. I wrote about a 100 songs that year while I was in college but this one felt the most truthful and “me” at the time so it became my debut single. I actually got the concept at an “H&M” in New York when I saw two cherries on a t-shirt saying “Cherry Love”



Tell us a bit about the song ‘Box You Up’ as we know that was one of your major hits! What inspired you to write that song and come up with the video concept?

“Box You Up” was about wanting to get rid of feelings I had for someone because I knew he wasn’t the one for me.  I was actually moving out of my apartment at the time and had all these boxes around me, I just wanted to shove my feelings in one of the boxes and get rid of them (if only it was that easy, haha!) and so I pictured this scene of the box of feelings going around the world getting shipped and that’s how the video came about!




What do you think about the current music scene in India, for independent artists?

I think this is the best time to release independent music in India, people are opening their doors and are so open to new sounds and artists. There is so much creativity going on right now, it’s a really exciting time!




What is playing on your playlist currently?

I’ve been loving Lauv and Quin xccii. They’ve both been on repeat a lot recently!

What do you love about the scene in LA versus Mumbai?

The cool thing about LA is that everybody here is on the hustle and on a creative ride so you have such a great support system from your peers and you’re constantly inspired by everything around you and then you have Mumbai that is so unique and I feel like people there crave music and appreciate it so much so it’s so nice going back with new music to share over there.


Okay, so we are dying to know – if you had to choose anyone who would you like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Ryan Tedder (One Republic) I think his songwriting is genius!


Natania Lalwani

Any collaborations currently that we should be EXCITED about?

I’ve been in the studio with a couple of artists but I’m really excited about a song I recently wrote with Bollywood singer “Ash King”! His artistry and voice are incredible and it’s been such a fun creative process creating music together and hopefully, you guys will get to hear it soon!

What is ‘music’ to you?

Music has been my longest relationship with all its highs and lows and truly is the greatest love of my life.

When can we expect your next album release?

I have a few singles coming out this year and then looking at an EP coming out in the Fall! There are lots of new music on the horizon!

Where can people find you on Social Media?


Rapid Time with UA!

  • Chocolate or Vanilla

Haha! This is ironic cause I just wrote a song called a Vanilla, I’m going to say a swirl of both!

  • Ferrari or Porsche?

I would be happy in an auto! (I literally know nothing about cars cause I don’t drive)

  • Icecream or Cake?

My mom’s Black Forest cake over anything

  • Any instrumental talents?

Piano, guitar, and ukulele!

  • LA or Mumbai?

LA for work, Mumbai is home


Be sure to check out her next single ‘Talking’ dropping this Friday and be sure to check her YouTube Channel for more of her music!

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