Posted on October 30, 2018 at 3:01 pm

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South African Movie – 3 Days to Go Trailer Sparks Endless Excitement

3 Days To Go – A Family First Comedy and Drama Film !

Family gatherings, relatives and non-stop sibling rivalry, 3 Days to Go brings some exciting relative drama to our screens. First of all, this movie brings family relationships into the spotlight. The brains behind the most emotional yet rather inspiring movie was award-winning producer Bianca Isaacs. Most noteworthy for drama series Umilio, Swartwater, Kruispad and Getroud met Rugby.

The movie marks a milestone for the talented writer and producer Bianca Isaacs. Bianca is a creative storyteller and owner of Figlam Entertainment. Figlam Entertainment is a production company that focuses on feature films and probably taking on that director’s seat! Isaac has the great support of producer Gregory Mthanji and director of photogaphy Jonathan De La Querra. Both of who she has worked with on past projects!

Isaac shared her thoughts on working on this project;

“I am a producer at heart, but being able to direct this sensational new project is very exciting.”

3 Days to Go

Furthermore, 3 Days to Go tells a story of adult siblings who are forced to return to their childhood home after the passing of their father. With their partners and children tagging alone, there is sure to be some hell under one roof! It shows the story of surviving three days in each others company under one roof! Above all, having to spread their father’s ashes and parting ways after those three days!

It’s no surprise that this story line is prevalent within many South Asian families in South Africa. Hence, sibling rivalry is something we know all too well in our homes. The film serves us with another slice of life and so much of comedy! It will surely leave you with the giggles! The story is great as it related to any culture and race with funny and heartfelt moments.

Similarly, it is also filled with the notion of family, choices and finding redemption. I am sure we are able to either recognize someone we know in the story or even ourselves!

The humoristic tale has a very impressive cast! It includes :

Leeanda Reddy, Bollywood’s amazing Lillette Dubey, Jailoshnee Naidoo, Kajal Bagwadeen, Rahul Brignath, Pranesh Maharaj, Ruben Naidoo and Zakeeya Patel as the dysfunctional Isaac family.

Joined by:

Jonathan Boyton-Lee, Tumi Morake and Ashish Gangarpersad. With newcomer, Kiara Govender!


3 Days to Go

It is a universal story about family and forgiveness for all ages. The film was produced in association with the KZN Film Commission (KZNFC), the IDC and the DTI. It will be in cinemas on the 25th January 2019 nationwide by Filmfinity (Pty) Ltd.


Check out the 3 Days To Go Trailer:


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