Posted on July 5, 2018 at 5:30 pm

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Fizzy Goblet Bring “Put Your Hair Up And Feet Down” Hair Ties

Fizzy Goblet Bring “Put Your Hair Up And Feet Down” Hair Ties

Zero waste fashion and the recycling of textiles as a movement has gained momentum in the last couple of years. Aligning with the same objective to minimize textile wastage and maximize usage of the fabrics, Fizzy Goblet has fashioned hair ties out of the extra fabric that is left behind after the juttis are crafted. Recent client orders see a little surprise that reaches them along with the juttis. Cotton, Ikat and Denim hair ties (with corresponding prints and embroidered designs as the juttis) have been sent out. Matching your hair accessory with your footwear has never been this easy!

What is in the name?

Deciding the name of our brand was one of the most exciting and terrifying decisions we had to make at the beginning. The name would not only introduce us to everyone but would also give people a hint of what our products were like. Choose a bad name, and we could be stuck with it—permanently. Something boring such as Indian Handicrafts would not catch the eye, a name such as generic as The Jutti Co. would give everything away, and complicated one would just leave people confused. The key was to strike a balance.

So we made lists. We called up our friends, and neighbor’s friends consulted the neighborhood cat (a little pricey, but a good cat once you get to know her), and scoured through our own lists. Eventually, with the help of a friend’s best friend, the name Fizzy Goblet dawned upon us. It was perfect – the ‘goblet’ was a quiet reference to our love for Harry Potter, the ‘fizzy’ added the fun, bubbling nature of what we wanted the brand to be. Today, we call our brand Fizzy Goblet and fondly call our shoes, Fizzy G’s. You’re welcome to call them so too.

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