Posted on July 27, 2021 at 4:00 pm

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Anita Dongre Launches “Crafts of India – An Ode to Bhuj”

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Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre launches “Crafts of India – An ode to Bhuj”, her latest collection of conscious couture- handmade ensembles inspired by heirloom Indian crafts and brought to life by traditional craftspeople in rural India.

Craft villages hold a sense of magic. Women in doorways singing over embroidery, men by deep pools of indigo holding secrets passed down over generations, children studying under the shade of a clacking loom under their mother’s watchful eyes. Every season there is reason to rejoice- a crop harvest, a local deity, and yet the biggest victory in these villages are time’s whispers of crafts that are handed down generation after generation across marauding empires, through the tune of freedom and bursting into a world of progress. Life changes but these crafts hold truths of a world that is sustainable, and built on community.
Anita Dongre
Anita Dongre
In 2021, Anita Dongre celebrates these craft traditions and their rural Indian communities with the launch of its collection ‘Crafts Of India – An ode to Bhuj’. This collection is a hark back at royal legacies from a millennium ago that brings together handwoven fabrics, rich embroideries and intricate fabric pattern dyeing from individual regions as a means of regaining the lost splendor of India’s rich craft history. In 2021 this collection features Bandhini, Ajrak and Block Printing- crafts from the Kutch region of India.
Says Anita Dongre, “It’s been an absolute joy for my team and I to create this special collection along with the artisans of Bhuj. Their craft and these pieces are truly timeless and I hope everyone who buys them  enjoys wearing them equally, and pass them down as heirloom pieces just like our grandparents did.”
Anita Dongre
This limited edition collection is available on
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