Posted on September 16, 2021 at 1:13 am

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Trapper X – I belong to a family where a government job was always first priority.

In an exclusive interview with DJ Trapper X, aka Sushil Ghunawat, talks to Aparnna Hajirnis about being a DJ in a country where Bollywood music is the hot favourite.

Trapper X
Trapper X

Tell us about your journey till now.
It’s been a roller coaster! I started making music at a young age & currently have releases on Lithuania HQ, Trapcity, SSL & Be Yourself Music. All the singles have got featured on Vh1, RedFM, Spotify and more. The tracks have been supported by Dimtri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiesto & several other international artists.


Was music what you always wanted to pursue?
No. I belong from a family where a government job was always first priority. I was preparing for UPSC till 2016, but eventually followed my passion of being into music full time.

Was there ever any moment in your career till now that you felt, bahut hua ab pack up karna padega?
Absolutely! My first international collaboration “Live like a love song” with Kayden Maccarthy got rejected by 61 labels. That was the moment I thought that this thing was probably not meant for me.

When you are performing what is the main thought that comes to your mind?
Not just play music but having to make the connection with the crowd. Music is a feeling for me and I make sure that everyone is feeling what I do when I perform.

What is the one thing that keeps you driving?
My mental health. I’ve been at my worst over the last few years. Music was the only thing that helped me survive that phase. So yeah, my mental health keeps me going.

If you were to name some of your best contemporaries who would they be? And why?
Lost stories because they are currently one of the best producers from India, who have shunned on global platforms and also helped new producers to get proper music education.

What do you feel about DJing in India as a career option? How did your family react the first time you told them that this is what you want to do and what you want to be?
So in 2021 it’s a pretty secure and reputed profession to be a full time DJ. I know people who are getting paid in lakhs for being a DJ. My family went numb when I first told them that I want to become a DJ. They were concerned for me.

Your numbers on social media are stellar, how does that make you feel?
It feels amazing. Every time I look at my social handle, me and my team spend hours and days on shoots, edits and promotion to give the account a good look.

A lot of Indian youth still listen to Bollywood songs. How do you plan to introduce your genre to them?
Answer – Nothing is stable in this universe, same goes on music taste. People are shifting towards western genres. I am pretty sure people are gonna start listening and appreciating the genres I produce.

What have you ticked off your bucket list..if you have any?
From my video going on VH1 to doing International collaborations with the same artist I used to listen to, the bucket list is pretty good as of now.

Where do you think the Indian music scene stands?

Personally I think Indian music and artists are doing amazing when it comes to the global market. Our artists are going on Billboards over NYC and making some amazing music.

Which are your favourite tracks which you composed?
By my side with akash and Coming back to you are my favourite compositions until now.

What advice do you give to upcoming DJs?
I would say that they should work on learning rather than looking for shortcuts. They should join a good music academy (I run my own as well, called Trapcult) where they can learn proper skills and get into a musical environment.

When do we get to see you perform live?
Answer – My team is planning various shows over the coming months and we are pretty hyped!

Any parting thoughts?
I want to change the perception that the singer is not the only element, but the producer is equally important & deserves equal credit in a complete song or album.

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