Posted on September 15, 2021 at 10:23 pm

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How to Be a Great Gift Giver

Anyone can go to a store, buy an item, wrap it, and call it a gift. But there is a distinct difference between being a great gift giver and being someone who bought someone a gift. Sometimes people on your list are also notoriously tough to buy for. We all know the person who has everything, the person who returns every gift they receive, and the person who is so indifferent it is hard to tell if they even like what they opened or not. Below are a few strategies to apply towards your gift giving that can help make the process enjoyable for you and also leave a mark on the recipient in an impactful way. 

Be Unique

It is usually a good rule of thumb to buy items from a person’s list when you are giving someone a present but occasionally going off the chartered path can payoff. Think about gifts that are uncommon but still practical. Things like airline gift cards, or even monthly subscription boxes are two good examples. 

A snack subscription box is an option to give someone that is not so terribly specific that you run the risk of the gift falling flat. You can purchase a snack subscription box to have snacks from around the world delivered monthly. This gives the receiver a chance to try foods they probably otherwise never would and also, who doesn’t need snack options on hand? If they end up really enjoying a certain item there is free shipping on select products so you are not getting them hooked on something that is going to break their bank if they want to maintain it. 

Be Personal

When you buy a gift, you should always have the specifics of the person you are buying it for in mind. Giving a general gift is fine, but it will not make you stand out from the crowd. By considering the things that the person loves you can also streamline your search so that you are not overwhelmed by having to pick something from a huge pool of options. For the beauty lover on your list think about all the different things that make up beauty. You could gift products, services, classes to learn a new technique, or even experiences that are centered around beaty. 

Be Punctual 

Life has a bad habit of making time disappear. It can be very easy to lose track of your calendar and realize that your best friend’s birthday was last week and now you have to give them a belated gift. While the gesture is arguably more important than the timeline, to be a great gift giver you should make the effort to give people their presents on the day of the reason for the gift. If you are not especially organized you can use an organizational app for your smartphone to help you stay on track and not only alert you to the day but remind you in advance of it so that you can have you gift purchased on time. 

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