Posted on August 7, 2023 at 2:56 am

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Ace Hair stylist and makeup artist Florian Hurel on his association with new brand in India

Renowned hair and makeup artist Florian Hurel has been working in India for quite some time and he has some great associations with many well-known brands. Now there a new chapter which is being added to his life, starting with his association with Redken.


Photo Courtesy Florian Hurel Team
Photo Courtesy Florian Hurel Team


He says,

”I have been now a hairstylist for 2 decades and have been working closely with some of the biggest leading worldwide brands. I must say, launching a brand in a country such as India is very exciting for me.”

Speaking about the responsibilities he has towards the brand, he adds,

”You’ve got to work closely with the brand to initiate communication. The journey is very interesting as you start everything from scratch. Redken is a very well-established brand overseas but not yet in India. The team and I are working closely to get the salon ready, Redken is going to be a leading brand for our beauty space and retail as the first luxury beauty salon in Mumbai. My main goal would be to keep the quality up to my personal expectations and always deliver the best work in order to stay at the top level while the brand is getting established here.”

He also adds,

” Using good products is an extension to the skill as I feel products push one’s skills to another level altogether.”

So what’s your point of view on working on a new brand here in India? He says,

” India loves new products and even more when it’s come from overseas. Redken is a fun and approachable brand. Hairstylists will be having lots of fun creating looks with the products.  I will be also involved in some part of the training by creating looks for the salon. The colors used are very sustainable and healthy for the hair.”

Lastly talking about the challenges he faced, Florian says,

” There are no challenges as such because I am a part of a new fun venture. Every aspect should be taken with fun which I feel is the maximum professionalism. I am happy to be able to bring new platforms with my very own vision in India. It’s my way to  bring a breath of fresh air into the salon industry.”

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