Posted on August 7, 2023 at 2:43 am

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Anupama Solanki talks about persevering through the challenges of the industry

Actress Anupama Solanki, who is part of the show ‘Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani‘, says that it’s not possible to achieve success overnight in the industry. She says that it’s important to work tirelessly and not give up here.


Photo Courtesy Anupama Solanki Team
Photo Courtesy Anupama Solanki Team


“Right now, I dream of being at the top of the TV industry. I believe that what you think, you automatically become that thing. You just need to start thinking. When I began here, my family told me to go to Mumbai and start acting. They supported me initially, but after 6 months, they clearly told me to come back home if it wasn’t working out. At that time, I didn’t know how to tell them that no one becomes a star overnight. It takes many years to get good work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, everything stopped and my life was almost at a standstill for two years. That was a very difficult time without my family’s support, but then I got the role of Madam Sir on SAB TV, followed by “Bindiya Sarkar” and now Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani on Dangal TV. In the last 4 years, I have given almost 800 to 1000 auditions, and the results have been almost zero, but as I said, no one becomes a star overnight,” she says.

The pressure of society and competition is such that everyone wants to be at the top in their profession. However, she adds that most of this pressure comes from within the family.

“The pressure of society was too much. But you see, society doesn’t create pressure. It’s our families that do. ‘Look, your cousin’s daughter is earning 50,000 rupees a month’, ‘You’re so old now, when are you getting married?’ We actors are already under a lot of pressure, and then family + society = worst. Every day in Mumbai is like a war, but no one can understand your situation. It’s impossible to describe your feelings in words. In a few years, I faced a lot of stress, no work, no money, and family pressure, but after all my struggle, when I got good work, the taste of success was delicious,” she says.

Depression and other mental health issues are out in the open now, which is great in a high-paced world like this, she says, adding,

“We should openly talk about depression, and it’s very important in our Indian society. Today, we’re talking about AI, but no one is talking about health. Health should be our priority, and everything else should be secondary. If you have a lot of money but you’re depressed, then everything is useless. I’m surprised that no one talks about health. During the lockdown, many people committed suicide because of depression, and the reason is that no one taught us how to deal with depression. It’s good that people want to move fast, but with good health. Technology is good, but too much of anything is bad. Because of excessive mobile and blue screen usage, people are facing anxiety and depression, and many people are unaware of this”

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