Posted on May 18, 2023 at 3:48 am

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French hair and makeup designer Florian Hurel tells you how to keep it stylish!

The first step to good style and fashion is being fit and healthy, says French hair and make-up artist Florian Hurel. Florian, who has decked up the cream of Bollywood including Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, says that being fit is of prime importance.


Photo Courtesy Florian Hurel Team
Photo Courtesy Florian Hurel Team


“The real secret is to have a healthy routine and if you step out of the routine, it’s advisable to get back to it at the earliest. I think there is nothing better than healthy home made food and fitness routines. And have a good night’s sleep. I think looking good and well in your own skin makes a difference and has an impact on how you present . Confidence is important in his business. I think you need to be consistent, eat your proteins  and push your limits,” he says.

Ask him what fashion means to him, and he says,

“Fashion has many meanings and doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. It can be adjusted, revisited. I feel fashion has no rules except to keep it as an extension to your persona. I mostly like to keep it comfy but yet an extension to my personality. Loose fit, oversized, that is the best for me.”

He has been sporting a bearded look lately. Talking about the same, he says,

“My wife likes me with the beard!  I mostly like to be without one though. It’s less itchy! But I guess it does give me a more mature look!”

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