Posted on August 7, 2023 at 3:05 am

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Sheena Bajaj to make her Bollywood debut with Non Stop Dhamaal

Sheena Bajaj is all set to impress viewers with her debut Bollywood project, Non-Stop Dhamaal. The actor plays the role of Kaaya in the film that has been directed by Irshad Khan and also stars actors such as Rajpal Yadav, Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Shreyas Talpade, Hemant Pandey, and many more. The film is set to release on August 18.


Photo Courtesy Sheena Bajaj Team
Photo Courtesy Sheena Bajaj Team


“The film marks my return to comedy after a long break. My last in the genre was ‘Best Of Luck Nikki’. I had an amazing time making this film with such a talented cast and crew. Learned so much from Rajpal Yadav. He was always there to help and we even improvised a lot. He said nice things about my work. Such things mean a lot,” Sheena sounds happy.

Now that she is starting her journey in films, we ask about the kind of roles she is keen on taking up.

“In Bollywood, my perspective primarily revolves around seeking roles that are deeply performance-oriented, ones that allow me to truly shine as an actor. It’s that singular film where you have a specific number of minutes to captivate the audience with your performance. Once you achieve that and people recognize your talent, there’s an unstoppable momentum that propels you forward. Non-Stop Dhamaal is scheduled for release on August 18, and the trailer is set to launch on the 4th. I extend a warm invitation to everyone to join me at the JW Marriott event from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Please watch the trailer, enjoy the music, and contribute your insights about the film. Your feedback could potentially lead to valuable improvements. Additionally, there’s another film on the horizon, and I sincerely implore everyone to shower me with their unwavering support, love, and affection during this exciting journey,” she says.

The actor is a known face on television, South Films and now she has started Bollywood as well. Ask about the difference she has noticed and she is quick to add,

“I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively in films as a child actress, particularly with Mahesh Bhatt and the Mukesh Bhatt camp. I’ve portrayed the childhood versions of various heroines, including Kareena, Katrina, and others. Additionally, I’ve been part of numerous TV shows and advertisements during my time as a child actress. However, I’ve noticed distinct differences between these various mediums. Television demands a tremendous amount of effort, often spanning around 1617 hours. Currently, I’m involved in a show where shooting can extend endlessly due to telecast issues. Despite this, the performance standard must remain impeccable. It’s crucial not to display any signs of fatigue or frustration on your face – the show must go on no matter what. On the other hand, working in films comes with a finite schedule, limited takes, and a specific timing requirement. There’s no luxury to endlessly redo or modify scenes; you need to deliver your best performance within that given timeframe.”

Succeeding in films, according to her, requires both innate talent and substantial experience.

“It’s not solely about skill; having a strong foundation and background is essential to excel in the film industry. When it comes to web series, they tend to cater to a younger audience. Despite receiving offers, I haven’t ventured into the realm of web series thus far. However, I do recognize the appeal of performance-driven web series, particularly due to their significant youth following. While I haven’t delved into this area yet, I’m open to exploring it in the future. The prospect of engaging with a large, youthful audience is enticing, and I might consider stepping into that zone eventually,” she says.

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