Posted on June 26, 2023 at 12:56 am

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Amidst cheating rumours Avinash Sachdeva’s Ex-girlfriend Palak Purswani recalls him the calm to her storm

Avinash Sachdev is back to screen after long as he made a jaw dropping entry in Bigg Boss OTT house. And it’s clear to say that he is the most unfiltered and witty personality in the Bigg Boss house.

Photo courtesy Avinash team
Photo courtesy Avinash team

Ex- couple Avinash Sachdev and Palak Purswani have been making headlines ever since they entered as contestants of Bigg Boss OTT season 2.


The two, who did not start on a good note inside the reality show initially, are now on talking terms. They are cordial to each other and Avinash is also seen supporting Palak on a few instances.

We have also seen Avinash maintaining his boundary and his decorum when it comes to dealing with Palak, but he is also a man who always stands for what’s right.

Even when Palak was asked to collect 30k BB coins with a condition of leaving the house if she fails and Avinash being the gentleman he is was also heard saying ‘That though she is his ex, he wouldn’t like if someone goes home without even playing for such mere reason.

Now Amidst the cheating claims in the latest episode Palak was seen discussing her love story with Aaliya Siddiqui and Akanksha Puri. Palak stated how serious they were about each other in the relationship, “I had met a man after a long time who could take care of me. He was calm to my storm. He was everything that I wanted to settle for.”

For the unversed, Avinash-Palak ended their relationship in 2021 on mutual terms and have stayed out of touch ever since. Well it’s going to be an interesting season as nothing and no one can hide the truth from coming out.

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