Posted on June 26, 2023 at 12:46 am

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Akanksha Puri’s unwavering integrity and authenticity have garnered admiration, after being unfairly labeled as fake

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has witnessed the remarkable presence of actress Akanksha Puri. She has consistently displayed grace, humility, and integrity in the show.

Photo courtesy Akanksha team
Photo courtesy Akanksha team

Despite facing false allegations, Akanksha Puri has held her head high, demonstrating her resilience and determination to win the game with dignity and respect.


It all began when Akanksha Puri experienced an emotional breakdow. It is due to the lack of food for male contestants, prompting her to selflessly share her own meal with one of them.

Recognizing the unequal distribution of food and feeling the males were left with insufficient portions, her genuine concern led to her emotional outpouring.


Throughout her time in the house, Akanksha has consistently displayed true and pure emotions, offering support to her fellow housemates during their mental breakdowns, such as Jiya Shankar, and being there for her friend Palak.


However, her own emotions have been unfairly labeled as fake. Further the same point was brought again in the jail task. Where she exemplified her commitment to fair play and avoiding unnecessary drama. She has remained steadfast and unyielding, confident in the knowledge that she has done nothing wrong.

Instead of succumbing to negativity, she has chosen to rise above it, maintaining her composure and focusing on the game at hand.

This display of resilience has not gone unnoticed from the fans who have rallied behind her, appreciating her strong spirit and unwavering character.

Akanksha Puri’s positive approach to the jail task reflects her determination to win with dignity and respect, earning admiration for her unwavering integrity and authenticity.

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