Posted on June 25, 2023 at 2:05 am

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Palak Purswani and Jiya Shankar’s friendship back on track in Bigg Boss OTT 2

Palak Purswani is currently locked into the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, and no doubt she entered the house with the dark past of her partner allegedly cheating and a very close friend who allegedly betrayed and ghosted her and left her in between the chaos and vanished away. Palak, when she came to the BB house as a contestant,  not only had to face the other participants and her past, but she also had to fight a two-handed war with her internal and external flow of sentiments.


Photo Courtesy Palak Purswani Team
Photo Courtesy Palak Purswani Team


But she proved herself strong and is a solo tigress in the house because the moment she moved into BB’s house, she stood for the right things, did not take any false allegations from anyone, and also fought against the double standards of people in the house in just a few days. However, whatever she’s doing in the house, it shows that she’s taking one step at a time and that with care and awareness.

The moment she came into the house, her conversations with Jiya Shankar were seen at their peak and everyone can witness that Palak eagerly wanted to know about the reason Jia ghosted her and what went wrong between them that they ended up on such a bad note that once who were so close to each other suddenly were no one to each other. However, the confusion and misunderstandings between them seem to have come to an end as Palak and Jiya hugged each other in the recent episode, which grabbed all the eyes of the viewers, and now they are getting more eyes over their improving bond, which will surely give them someone to stand by each other in tough times.

Not only did they hug each other, but before that, they also confronted each other emotionally. Jiya opened up by saying, “Now I feel that I have someone there to take a stand with me,” and Palak also agreed on the same, and then they both patted each other with a warm hug and gave a new start to their friendship. Through this evolving strong bond with the fellow contestant and fearlessly giving befitting response to the wrong people, Palak is on her way, and she’s rising up as one of the promising contestants of this season.

Meanwhile, It seemed that Avinash Sachdev got affected by their hug and dubbed their friendship a showoff and also allegedly said that it would create a mess, which may seem that he’s not at all settled in his mind after Palak and Jiya’s bond, and now to see how Palak takes things forward and what all she has to deliver to her fans in Bigg Boss house, so for more updates, stay tuned.

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