Posted on June 26, 2023 at 1:00 am

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Netizens hail Bebaak Akanksha Puri as she gets targeted in Bigg Boss OTT house yet again

Actor Akanksha has taken everyone by storm ever since she entered the Bigg Boss house with her unwavering integrity and authenticity.

Photo courtesy Akanksha team
Photo courtesy Akanksha team


The diva has earned lot of love and fan admiration but that’s not it. Ever since she stepped inside the house the housemates clearly saw her as one of the strong contenders of the season. Due to which she was constantly treated unfairly and was labeled as fake.

Despite facing false allegations, Akanksha has held her head high, demonstrating her resilience and determination to win the game.

And it has not gotten unnoticed since the game is all about audience, it was the audience who noticed the way Akanksha has been treated.

It all began when Akanksha Puri experienced an emotional breakdown. Due to the lack of food for male contestants, prompting her to selflessly share her own meal.

Throughout her time in the house, she has consistently displayed true and pure emotions, offering support to her fellow housemates during their mental breakdowns, such as Jiya Shankar, and being there for her friend Palak. However, her own emotions have been unfairly labeled as fake and now during the weekend ka vaar she was accused of spreading false narratives which didn’t go well with the netizens.

As soon as the episode was out, Twitterati clearly pointed how it’s the strong ones who are unnecessarily being targeted. And how the makers are not correcting those who are actually spreading fake narratives by caliber gold digger and what not, questions like why didn’t the makers call out such an act were flooded on social media.

The recent episode left many disappointed with Salman Khan as they felt that the host is being biased towards some of the contestants like Bebika Dhurve and Pooja Bhatt.

A fan wrote “#AkankshaPuri is being over targeted by the makers, she has done nothing to deserve such bashing’ while others said,

“Akanksha Puri is being slut slammed by Biggboss and Salman”, ‘Basically Salman khan ka kahna tha ke *Stay Away from #JiyaShankar *Respect My Darling #PoojaBhatt *Adopt #BebikaDhurve bcuz Her Father Close to the Makers”

And it’s not just that, her friends from the Industry who genuinely know her came out in her support. From Aamir Ali to Rajiv Adatia raised their opinions on the makers being unfair towards her.

Aamir wrote, “This is highly disgusting to see how one woman is downgrading another woman image nationally & how & why was this matter not addressed on #WeekendKaVaar ? Why is #AkankshaPuri being targeted ? This filthy, dirty language is UNACCEPTABLE”.

Akanksha Puri’s positive approach to the jail task reflects her determination to win with dignity and respect, earning admiration for her unwavering integrity and authenticity.

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