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Valentine’s Day Special With British Columbia’s Jane and Chris

Valentine’s Day Special With British Columbia’s Jane And Chris

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved. The shallow world we live in today has made life little more complicated with things and to find true love even more difficult. Did the digital world make finding love easier? Or made it more complicated? How to find a true love story when the answer is either swipe right or swipe left? So is there really a happily ever after? Or it is just to be found in the fairytales?

Well, there is a happily ever after. A story that would make you believe in fairytale again. On this Valentine’s day, we are sharing a true love story. Regardless of their busy lives as a broadcaster? These two make time for each other and their son. There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. Let’s find out more and rewind this 21 years young relationship and their journey of love. We had a chance to ask this wonderful couple Chris and Jane about the secret of there long lasting forever love?

We all know you two met while working together as broadcasters. What is the secret to keeping a relationship fresh?
Jane and Chris– First off – we’ve been married for 21 years this June – we met at work in our early 20’s and instantly liked each other- and that is to me the greatest thing a long term relationship can have. Friendship and respect. Life is fantastic and we do love each other but if you gave a genuine friendship and respect for each other you can get through anything!

What are the five most important things in a relationship?
Jane and Chris– So 5 most important things to me 1)friendship 2)respect 3) love ❤️ 4)commitment 5)laughter. We admire each other – are always respectful – have a deep love – are committed and laugh every day!

Being celebrities and public figures? Do you get enough time to spend together?
Jane and Chris– Time is precious – we are both busy – especially Chris with a demanding job and events he has to attend. Our son is our primary concern and spending time as a family is so important but it is also very important for us to be together. We carve out “date” nights, walk the dog together in the morning to catch up – and love chilling on the couch watching HGTV together!

Among both of you, who likes to surprise? Has Chris ever surprised you that you can never forget?
Jane- Chris loves to surprise far more than me – I’m the control freak! That being said he’s pulled off a few good ones including surprising me with a 40th birthday trip to the Bahamas (where I was born!) I hadn’t a clue – he even packed for me which was interesting !!! 😆

The two of you hit the great outdoors. What would you prefer to spend the day doing?
Jane and Chris- It’s rarely just us these days so as a family and with the do we love to go to Kits beach or Spanish banks. We Love to go to the dog beach and have fun outing!. A perfect little family outing !

What would be a special date for you and Chris?
Jane – A fun day for Chris and me is if we can sneak away during the day – usually because he has an evening event – we’ll go shopping downtown and have a lovely lunch. Reminds us of New York years. We love cities !

What is the secret to being together for this long?

Jane – The actress Jamie Lee Curtis was asked what was the secret to her long marriage to Christopher Guest. Her answer – “stay on the bus – the scenery will change “! I love that quote because it’s so true. Don’t get mired down thinking this is the way it will always be when times are to tough or boring or confusing – keep moving along because the next day or week will be different – and you’ll see your partner in a whole new light again!

What is one advice you two would want to give to all the millennials?

Chris and Jane – There’s no real secret in staying together. It’s a decision of the heart and mind. But make the decision and stick to it ! Nothing good comes in life without a little work and commitment. If you can do that and agree you’ll always do it. Then you’ll always have your best friend by your side !

Mark the day for your love as we celebrate this day with two amazing humans. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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