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7 South Asian Artists Worth Following on Social Media – Dushant Naidu

South Asian Artists that deserve a DOUBLE TAP!

7 South Asian Artists Worth Following on Social Media - Dushant Naidu

Instagram has become a platform for upcoming artists in all respects, to share their work with the world and also gain the much-needed recognition. In the South Asian community there are several artists who are emerging. These artists use Instagram to showcase their work. I’ve put together a list of South Asian artists Instagram accounts that you should follow.



Babbu the painter

This South Asian artists has 61 thousand Instagram followers. Babbu is a Toronto based artist whose work can be seen worn by Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor to name a few. Babbu incorporates rather retro Bollywood posters in her works.

She hand paints these posters onto different mediums, varying from denim jackets to canvases. Her collection titled “bakwaass” has different clothing varying from caps, to shirts and also prints. You can find out more about Babbu and her work here,


Based in Leicester UK.  Heleena Mistry is a tattoo artist, that incorporates South Asian art iconography in almost all of her work. Her designs incorporate styles that are typical of Mughal artworks, and similarly various floral designs.

Heleena incorporates South Asian culture in her love of tattoo artistry. She is known for creating beautiful designs and characters even depicting Hindu Goddesses on human flesh. Artistic and skillful! Check out her Instagram for more of her work.


Digink is an Instagram page that incorporates popular art with Indian retro iconography. From Mughal artworks with figures holding Iphones, to even figures with dominos pizza boxes. Some of the work on this page also incorporates stills from popular Bollywood films, which have been edited to change the subject matter of the image.


Darshini Chetty is a South African Indian illustrator. Her style is unique to her page. She incorporates various Indian imagery and patterns in her works. She also makes use of various styles of lines. Her figures are simple with almost majority of the details coming from the clothing and hair pieces. These details are as intricate as Indian Sari’s and Jewellery are.  Her page is definitely one to check out and give a follow.


Emmen Ahmed is a Pakistani- American, her work incorporates both Western and South Asian imagery. Creating pieces which are a mix of both cultures. You will definitely fall in love with her Instagram page! Her page also showcases both her artworks and embroidery that she does. Her work also incorporates styles that are typical when thinking of Mughal artworks. For more about her work and her store check out this link


Suhani Parikh incorporates henna styles in her various works that she does. Varying from cookies with henna patterns and also to diaries with patterns on the cover. She does various pieces for events and more, be sure to check out her website for more information


Jasjot Singh Hans is an illustrator from India who is based in Baltimore. The artwork on this page is a must see with figures that are stylized, which incorporate females from the South Asian community. is where you can find out more about this artist.

Furthermore, these accounts are just a few of the accounts that are on the Instagram platform. For more, be sure to follow me on my social media platforms, where I typically share the work of artists within the South Asian Community.

@dushantnaidu on Instagram and twitter.

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