Posted on February 13, 2019 at 1:59 am

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Renew Love This Valentines Day With Some Pampered Tips

Renew Love This Valentines Day With Some Pampered Tips
**Readers discretion is advised.

Whether you are dating or a married couple? At times love feels to disappear from a relationship. How did our ancestors do it? Stayed in a relationship forever. Why there are so many divorces? What are we doing wrong? Or do we have too many options that are easily accessible? Do you have one break up? The other one is ready to start just with a simple swipe. Even the sacred ceremony of marriage is falling to keep two loved ones together. So what is that we are missing out on? Is it long working hours, different shifts, not being able to give time to a spouse? So what changes after a few years of dating or being married? Do we get comfortable with our partners? Or we simply stop impressing them? Here are some tips for renewing love this valentines day. Mark the day for one you love!

Dress to Impress – Life gets busy and we get so comfortable with our partners. We walk around in the house as if we were living with a roommate, not a partner. There was a very clear message for men in the TV series Sex and The City when Charolett confronts her partner Harry who walked around in the house bare at all times. It’s not only men who do things that annoy women. Women are on the same boat. I mean who wants to walk into the house and smell his lady who smells more of a food than a perfume? We are not saying look like a model in the house, but hey its the little change that would attract the partner even more to you….. smell fresh and look comfortably beautiful.

Compliment your partner – So when was the last time you actually looked at your partner carefully? Man or a woman? We all love attention. Not paying attention to your partner can lead to cheating. I mean who wouldn’t love the attention? And if someone else is giving it? Sure we will take it. So, compliment enough. Even if you have been in a relationship for many years and you know your partner inside out? They would still love the compliment. They would still love to be acknowledged. Hello gorgeous! Would do the magic each day!

Don’t take me for granted – Yes, everyone does. Take their spouse for granted. We divide our chores and we expect them to do it regularly. Like women are supposed to cook and maybe get groceries. Men are supposed to fix things around the house and other things. It becomes a routine “job”. Maybe switch it up a little. Maybe surprise your woman and grocery shop? Or vice versa. Don’t take each other for granted. Its a relationship, not a job.

Spice up a little – When was the last time you went on a date with your spouse? Going out for a dinner is great, but how did you spice it up? Here is a tip. Maybe meet up your partner as if you are meeting a stranger and be what you would want to be on that date. Maybe a dirty sally for a day?

Twisted sex life – The most essential key for any relationship is a healthy sex life. It doesn’t matter what age you are at? Sex is the key to keep your partner happy. Twist your sex life a little. It doesn’t have to be the same boring sex in the same bedroom every time. Maybe get dirty a little and try somewhere new. Depending on how comfortable you are? You could make love in the living room, kitchen or maybe take it outside in the car? Sex is one of those activities that should be done privately and to make it a little thrilling and exciting? A little extra risk is not very harmful, is it?

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