Posted on November 7, 2010 at 7:51 am

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Sara Khan Ki Bidaai on Bigg Boss Planned for Publicity?

Television star Sara Khan is getting married to boyfriend Ali Merchant on Bigg Boss this season, but was the drama of breaking up before the proposal done for publicity?

The former Bidaai actress, Sara Khan, is currently a contestant on Bigg Boss season 4. Prior to entering the show, Sara and her boyfriend (her fiance now) had broken up because Sara claims Ali Merchant was cheating. She was seen tearing Ali Merchant’s picture on Bigg Boss. After breaking her relationship with Ali on national television, Sara got a little too friendly with Ashmit Patel. She even got jealous when Veena Malik, a Pakistani actress and a contestant on the show, had to stay up all night with Ashmit for Diwali.

A close friend of Sara Khan’s revealed that Sara’s mini-fling with Ashmit was all fake! It was a publicity stunt to create “more of a build-up” when Ali finally forced Bigg Boss to let him into the house so he can propose to Sara. Some reality show this is turning out to be. The close source also reveals that the entire thing was part of Sara’s contract! The heartbreak over Ali cheating, the fake attachment to Ashmit, Ali’s break-in into the Bigg Boss house and the proposal was all planned and part of the deal!

Ali came to the house to clear up all of the “misunderstandings” between Sara and him. If Sara had really been upset about Ali cheating (if he really had been cheating of course, who can know for sure) how come Sara was so quick to say yes to Ali??

After the proposal, Bigg Boss had asked if they would like to get married in the house, something that has never happened before on Bigg Boss. Of course, the couple said yes instantly.

November 10th is Sara and Ali’s third anniversary and they have also decided to get married on that day. Bigg Boss has already started making arrangements for the wedding. The sangeet is planned to be on the 8th and the Mehendi on the 9th. The couple’s family are going to be attending the wedding as well along with the house members.

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