Posted on September 10, 2020 at 12:02 pm

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Sara Khan On Testing Positive For COVID-19

COVID-19 positive cases has gone over four million in India. The actors stepping out for work, the risk has only increased.

Sara Khan
Sara Khan

Actors have been maintaining precautions as much as they can but there have been cases where multiple actors have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Recently, Sara Khan has recently tested positive for Coronavirus and has issued a statement. 

She said, 

“I’ve taken a break from shooting for a few days since I was feeling under the weather, but I took the COVID test, it came in positive. I’m following my doctor’s medical advice religiously, and I’m hoping I get well soon. I have asymptomatic symptoms, but asymptomatic or symptomatic, once has to maintain good hygiene and a safe distance from everyone in both the cases.  I’d advise everyone who came in close proximity with me to get themselves tested.

I’m following home remedies because they work the best, and steam of course. COIVD can happen to anyone, so it’s really important to maintain overall good health so that when it hits you, you have an immune system strong enough to fight back the virus!”

Sara even took to Instagram and confirm the news. Check out the post right here:

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