Posted on November 5, 2010 at 3:36 pm


The PC Takeover

28-year-old Bollywood Ki Rani, Priyanka Chopra has already reached the top on the big screen so now she’s set her sights on marketing via the internet! Priyanka Chopra launched a voice blog and a youtube channel Thursday, to go along with her official website:

PC is collaborating with UTV Interactive to launch her voice blogs which she will update four to five times a week. Fans can subscribe to the blog for only a small fee and they even get alerts whenever there is an update. Priyanka’s youtube channel updates with short, fun videos, that allows fans to know “The Real Priyanka” (

Her official website is already an interactive web page with up to date feature news, films, photos, social network and career updates. Fans can even keep up with PC on twitter! Looks like the Piggy Chops take over is complete. Time to take a break beauty queen and PC fans enjoy!

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