Posted on November 5, 2010 at 2:57 pm

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Shweta vs. Dolly on Big Boss 4!!

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Dolly Bindra crashed Shweta Tiwari’s role in the kitchen on Big Boss season 4 and Shweta wasn’t going to just let it go!

Shweta vs. Dolly on Big Boss 4!!

The loud-mouth-Bollywood-Vamp, Dolly Bindra is the latest addition to the Big Boss 4 house. The day after she arrived she tried to take over the kitchen work which Shweta had been handling until then. This insignificant argument blew up into a full fledged cat fight! Sources say the actresses threw allegations at each other with abuses and brought  up their bitter past!

Shweta even said she wanted to quit from kitchen duty on Monday. Shweta and Dolly’s sour relationship goes back to 2007 when Dolly made headlines for getting smacked by Raja Chaudhary, Shweta’s ex-husband, at a party. Raja Chaudhary is also an actor and Big Boss season 2 contestant.

In a recent article, Dolly says “I don’t know who Shweta Tiwari is, but as far as Raja Chaudhary is concerned, I have forgiven him.”

Shweta vs. Dolly on Big Boss 4!!

Obviously Dolly really hasn’t forgiven Raja, how else would this fight have exploded? Keep watching Big Boss to find out what happens between Dolly and Shweta? Who do you think will win this fight??

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