Posted on November 7, 2010 at 8:42 am

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Weekly Update: Sanchi’s Not Pregnant?

Last week on Sony TV’s, Sanchi had passed out during her Karva Chauth fast and the family assumed that she was pregnant, unfortunately when she went to see the doctor with Nidhi bhabi the next day the found out she really wasn’t.

Nidhi bhabi had told Sanchi not to let anyone in the house know, why spoil their happiness, and just maybe Shravan might finally grow up if he keeps thinking he’ll be a father. Meanwhile Shravan is dying to find a way out of being a father, he’s even having nightmares! The family keeps moving in full force to celebrate the news with a grand costume party where everyone arrived dressed as children. Pappu suddenly shows up their doorstep with a secret but he’s so shocked with the news of Sanchi’s pregnancy and all the chaos in the house he has no choice but to write Sanchi a letter.

Like in any good TV serial, of course the letter gets lost, and the truth is revealed just when it seems like Shravan is learning how to be more responsible and loving towards Sanchi. Pappu’s revelation that nothing actually happened that drunken night Sanchi and Shravan fell into bed together on their honeymoon was announced, over the microphone that Sanchi was holding, by mistake. Boy was the family shocked! Nidhi let the family know that it was her idea to keep the news a secret but they were all still upset and worried that the couple had yet to get close to one another. Shravan was angry about the lie but he finally had his road out and told a tearful Sanchi, he was a free bird. So began their fight again.



Baat Hamari Pakki Hai
Baat Hamari Pakki Hai

The rest of the family, along with Pappu are now making plans to find a way to get Sanchi and Shravan together romantically. They try to trick the couple to get them locked in a closet together but Shravan and Pappu get locked in together instead- it was pretty awkward. Then Sanchi finds the Prem Sutra book Shravan’s dad had left for him! Which was even more awkward!

Dadi-ma takes Sanchi away to explain to Sanchi that she should dress up for Shravan. Sanchi should awake the passion in his heart for her, so she does. Whatever Shravan plans to do next we’ll all have to wait and find out next week! Till then keep watching! Or keep up with our weekly updates!


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