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Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale and other lottery winning characters in Bollywood 

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The experience of purchasing lottery tickets is easier than it was some years ago. Therefore, your dream of winning big is likely to get into your mind at your home – you do not need to go to the lottery shops. The popularity and appearance of many Lotteries have increased the opportunity of winning big pots. Most of the lotteries are making normal lottery winnings look more like small pocket change. 

Moreover, the lotteries allow you to buy tickets online and following the draws online is also possible. But if you have never tasted the irresistible thrill of big lottery wins, you can live vicariously through experiences of Bollywood film characters, both bad and good – thanks to the many movies that feature lotto winners.

Some of the films are morality tales that warn people about the dangers of always getting what they want. Others are committed to making us jealous of the characters. Here are the Bollywood lottery winning characters.

Raghunandan Goverdhandas Vakawale

Perhaps, you cannot remember the number of times you have played the lottery. You are not alone. Moviemakers know that many people have such dreams. That is the key reason many Bollywood movies have involved lotto wins. The movies involve everyman characters – more like you – who have a great desire for changing their life for the better. But after winning the lottery, the characters see the world change. 

It is hard to forget Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale, a man who was after winning the lottery just to rent Fardeen Khan’s bungalow and to feel rich. Sanjay Mishra, a player who can pull off almost any comic role easily in any movie played the Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale part. Perhaps, you will remember his favorite dialogue in the film Dhondu Just Chill – perfectly. 


Surya is a character in the “Striker”, Bollywood film Chandan Arora produced in 2020. The film is based on many real-life events. Surya, a young man, finds his passion in a game of skill and risk, known as Carrom. And because luck is on his side, Surya wins many games until he earns the championship at the age of 12. However, as he grows, the boy goes deeper into this game and faces its dark underground aspects. People flocked to watch this film after they learned that Siddharth, Bollywood legend, played the lead role. 


In the “Gambler”, a film produced in the year 1971, we see a man using his skills to make money to rise out of a criminal lifestyle.  One of the unique things about the “Gambler” film is that it features an all-original soundtrack from Bollywood music composer S.D. Burman, but only at the start of its scenes. Raja was desolated by his mother at a young age but an enigmatical father figure, Master, was ready to care for him. Master, a crime don, expects Raja to continue working for him. 

Raja uses his skills to play card games and make money and that helps him get out of the criminal lifestyle. But after finding his way out of the lifestyle, he finds himself in the wrong hands after murdering the Master and he has to prove that he is innocent. 


Venkat, played by Big B, is a genius mathematics professor and engineer who uses Teen Patti card games to test his mathematical probability thesis. Soon, his success leads to great stakes and risks in the thriller inspired by “21”, an American film. The film directed by Leena Yadav and released in 2010 employs an unusual but more creative concept for gambling films. “Teen Patti,” the film, is popular in many countries. 


In “The Great Gambler”, Jai is an expert in gambling who gets known by a corrupt casino owner. The casino owner decides to hire him to gamble and defeat his highest-stakes clients. But as you expect in gambling – one success may lead to a great risk. Jai gets into marriage and delivers his military secrets. An inspector is asked to track him. At the start of the film, Jai was so good in gamling and he didn’t lose a game.  


The above characters might influence you to return to playing the lottery or gambling games you had taken a break. In reality, everyone is jealous of lottery winners and so you might find yourself jealous of the characters in the films. Their stories never end as they expect.

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