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Stray Men: Review of Pataal Lok (Amazon Prime)

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Liquor dependency ruins so much, we all know this but hey not here for moral policing. Two main characters have significant damages due to drinking e.g. Police Dad, Media Daddy. One gets refused for sex and other fall in the arms of another woman under the influence of so-called happy drink. Why is it liquor a celebration drink? What does it really celebrate, a dysfunctional family? Broken hearts or merely it is just psychological conditioning that whenever you are happy or sad, liquor either makes you happy (subjective) or puts you in a bigger problem than you are already dodging.

Sex Cures: Wives of the two main characters seemed sex-deprived, series is not about sex lives but I can’t help noticing the obvious. One guy is chasing a high stake case, has a rebel kid, who gets maximum masala from his forever unhappy mother about his dad’s inabilities and when daddy comes home late and drunk, mommy obviously refuses sex due to multiple reasons possibly one of them being; reeking smell of liquor; low sex drive or probably because late-night is more for sleep and not necessarily for sex. unless there’s a stroke, then mommy might be o.k., anyway.

Some (bevdas offends) boozards don’t deserve sex, probably because some husbands/daddies/lovers may feel like Ron Jeremy (due to drunk state of mind) but their wives/girlfriends knows it might not be more than bad sex, stinking breathes and sloppy kisses.


Good sex is a stress buster. Keep it simple; don’t drink if you enjoy good sex. Did I said, ‘Good sex’ twice! Is that even a thing, good sex. Anyway! Pataal Lok wasn’t for sex addicts neither so ‘keep inya pants saathiyon.’ Tch Tch Lockdown!

A Nagging Wife:

An everlasting curse for most married men? Many professions are stressful than others and that takes toll on their mental well being and sex drive; imagine if so called driving forces of the family are polls apart how would it impact their family. A wife who constantly reminds the husband of his abusive father and makes him feel insufficient by his “bitter half” and never appreciates him. Remember dear wives and girlfriends often saying stuff like he never appreciates my ‘cooking skills’, now don’t mix those kinds of feelings with this, men don’t need appreciation it seems. They just need a nag after a hard day’s work; at least in this web series Pataal Lok which is now streaming on Prime Amazon. How would I know! If you felt attacked, think this is a paid stuff. That will probably make you less miserable, probably. BURN!

Not a cliché, we really needed this.

Daddy Issues isn’t just one gender thing:

The protagonist, an officer who had abusive childhood teaches a lot about ripple effects of childhood abuse. Some parents understand how damaging the childhood abuse can be so they exactly try to do everything opposite that can be so they exactly try to do everything opposite that their abusive parents did to them; in my opinion, this seemed like a good solution but I wonder about what if you constantly get compared and triggered by your partner, who probably enjoys orgasms comparing you with your own abusive parents. So, dear all who are trying to make your children a better people – don’t let assholery of your partner steal away yours and your children’s peace of mind.

Love dogs, they saves lives:

Now this another social message in here that’s popular but when a web series is made on the premises of the whole Dogs are Savior; it really touches a mass, you know populism and all. I love dogs and those who don’t can stop reading this article ‘cause you are not welcoming anymore and I will survive, lol. Kidding, go on read ahead.  Lots of people who I know are often, “dog will bite me and I hate dogs.” Listen, if you have this plastic brain mindset, it’s more harmful to dogs than to your stupid self, so better stay away from dogs or just Google Hathoda Tyagi. Ouch!

Bullying isn’t cool:

Amazon Prime’s new web series Pataal Lok has proven that ‘Fancier the school, smarter the kids’ is a flawed notion or some sort of conspiracy to produce students are mentally so affected that when they grow up, they will have an approach in their lives that will keep them far away from a good balanced sane life.

Have you ever imagined, how can bullies of schools with CCTV cameras are not confronted by school staff and are parents really asking their kids important questions? What about those monthly or fortnight school meeting with parents and teachers?

If parents think children are only influenced by books, schools and teachers then I want to believe current India is where all citizens of this nation are brothers and sisters and everything is in harmony in peace, you know.

Awareness about Gender Dysphoria:

Have you ever heard someone saying “I am a man trapped in a body of a woman?” Google tells me Gender Dysphoria means: “the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex.” There’s a conflict between a person’s physical gender and the gender with which he or she identifies.”

Amidst the chaos of big characters, there is a love story between two individuals; who grew in a similar circumstances more or less, it was something surreal that got my attention and it really highlighted more than what just appeared. e.g. Friendship, different mindsets and coping mechanism.

Religious angle tuo banta hai:

Mob lynching and calling names is as real as me having tattoos and one of the fastest yorkers in my entire building.

I guess, overall the script did seem slightly helter skelter but I survived. somewhere promoting hammer killing (imagine #JustHammered trending lol), conspiracy of media, police and politicians wrapped in a zabardasti cuss words filled web series; it may seem interesting to many but personally; I just wrote a lousy review, which in hindsight will resonate with society aunty’s wrath just because …I’d say WATCH IT!

Rating: (will appear once reviewer gets his peanuts)

Production House: (will appear after RCB wins IPL, hopefully)

About the reviewer: Nobody knows what he writes and why he writes but apparently he did this shit!

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