Posted on October 6, 2018 at 4:42 am

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7 Comic Roles Of Sanjay Mishra That Are Awesome

He can play just about any role, from a dumb pandit to a funny cop. Don’t know who we are talking about? Well, its none other than Sanjay Mishra. Sanjay Mishra can pull off any comic role with such ease that we salute him always.

Sanjay Mishra Comic Roles

Today, on Sanjay Mishra’s birthday, we take a look at 5 comic characters he played that we love to the T:

Apna Sapna Money Money

Sarju Maharaj Banerswala, anyone who has watched the film will remember the poor naïve man who Riteish Deshmukh cons while travelling. The perils he faces in the hands off Chunkey Panday and gang made our bones tickle.

The Golmaal Franchise

Since the original, Golmaal: Fun Unlimited, Sanjay Mishra has been part of the Golmaal franchise. In spite of always being part of an ensemble cast, he has always been able to grab our attention.

All The Best

No one can forget Sanjay Mishra as RGV— Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale, the man who after winning a lottery just wants to rent Fardeen Khan’s bungalow and feel rich. What we remember more than that is his favourite dialogue – Dhondu Just Chill.


As Oscar bhai in Rohit Shetty‘s Dilwale, Sanjay Mishra played the role of a sweet brother who runs a garage and can do anything for his sister.


The film has many fun/laughable moments but the ones with Sanjay Mishra in them are the cherry on the cake. The innocence and vulnerability he portrays is so cute, we can keep re-watching the scene a number of times.


Sanjay Mishra as Babu Bhai, a dacoit who plagues the Mumbai-Goa highway is a highlight of the comedy. Don’t believe us? His introduction to Roy is a testimony of the same.

One Two Three

In this comedy of mistaken identities, Sanjay played Pinto – Yadav’s goon, who always failed to successfully make a bomb. His antics are always successful in making you laugh.

Happy Birthday Sanjay Mishra