Posted on May 21, 2020 at 4:19 pm

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Family Karma: Shaan and Pooja’s Couple Guide On Surviving Quarantine

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Crown The Brown : 5 Couple Activities for all Lock-down Lovers!

Crown The Brown: Family Karma Stars Shaan Patel and Pooja Patel are no strangers to adventure! The lovely couple have made some fun memories on the show with their friends, as well as having the most spontaneous dates. These lovebirds always find new creative ways to spice up their time together.

Amidst the Corona virus pandemic that we are all currently faced with, we have all been spending endless days and nights indoors! The frustration is certainly kicking in during these tough times.

Fortunately for all the couples out there, Shaan and Pooja have found some interesting and fun ways to keep things exciting! Here are five fun activities they encourage other couples to try during quarantine:

1. Date Nights

Crown The Brown: Shaan Patel and Pooja Patel

In order to give us something to look forward to during the week, we’ve dubbed Friday night, Date Nights. We try to order in from a local place that we like and do something special. We’ve ordered in from Miyako, Fratellino, Tropical Chinese, Phuc Yea, Lung Yai Thai Tapas, Lucali’s Pizza, and more.

Miami has a ton of amazing restaurants that we miss, so we love to patronize them. Sometime’s we’ll watch a movie, or play a board game, but we try and do something different from a typical night. In the picture here we are having a picnic on the floor of the living room with some burrata from Fratellino.

2. Avoid Skipping the Celebrations

Taking a moment to celebrate milestones is important, especially in quarantine. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries never stop, yet it is easy to let them pass by in this time. For Pooja‘s birthday we ordered in from Hillstone and I decorated the backyard as a surprise for her. It was a fun way to make it memorable while still following stay at home guidelines.

Many graduations were cancelled due to COVID-19, so in order to celebrate Pooja‘s Law Graduation, I borrowed a cap and gown from a friend who had already graduated and held a mini celebration in the house with my family.

We got congratulatory video messages from her family and friends and played them in lieu of a commencement speech. It was memorable and helped Pooja feel a sense of closure, even in these difficult times.

3. Get a Pet!

Having our Dog, Sukhi around has been amazing during this time. It also helps keep you active, as you have to take them out every few hours. However, Pooja has been wanting us to get a fish for a few months, so we finally got the tank and a couple of fish.
We learned a lot about water quality and fish and may have lost our first, but we figured it out and now Goldie and Speckles are happy in our home. (Watch their pet journey here)

4. Home Projects

Crown The Brown: Shaan Patel and Pooja Patel

There has never been a time to appreciate your space and show it some love more. This is the best time to get those little projects around your house done.
So far we have set aside a hamper full of clothes to donate while organizing the closet, put up some new hangers for jewelry organization on the wall, and bought a new rug on Wayfair. I also ordered some boxes for more organization for this weekend.

Exercise or Take a Long Walk

Exercising has been one of our hardest tasks to keep up with. We try and do the Orange Theory Youtube Video workouts some mornings, or take long walks. On our walks, we try to go in different directions than usual to see other parts of our neighborhood than we usually go to. It has been fun exploring our beautiful neighborhood.
It is no surprise that Shaan and Pooja love creating new memories together and these activities certainly have a way of bringing people closer.
These activities enable you to get to know your partner better while encouraging health, stimulation and most importantly fun! Be sure to follow Shaan and Pooja on social media to see more of what they are getting up to during quarantine!
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