Posted on December 29, 2022 at 6:57 am

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Asha Negi to bring in the New Year in Amsterdam with family and friends

Asha Negi took a break from her work commitments and travelled to Amsterdam with her family and friends to enjoy Christmas and the New Year.



You will be motivated to travel and dress in the prettiest attire if you explore Asha Negi‘s social media pages. Asha is the ideal example of taking time for herself with the people who mean the most to her. Whether with her friends or family.


Asha goes over and above to inspire her followers to get their bags packed and take a much-needed holiday with their loved ones, despite their busy schedules.

Asha Negi took a vacation from her work obligations. She later reflected that the trip was well-deserved, given her busy work schedule.


“Due to my hectic schedule and back-to-back shoots. I hardly get time to spend with my family and friends. Especially this year, I would love to celebrate the New Year with my loved ones. And create some beautiful memories, and cherish them forever with me. I want to make the most of this trip before I get back to work.”

When asked about her professional life, Asha stated,


“There are numerous new projects planned for next year. My fans are eagerly awaiting for me to show them something new.”


Asha Negi, who has won the hearts of fans with her acting ability over the years, can’t wait to be back on the big screen. The actress has a massive fan base. This news will undoubtedly bring joy to all her fans in the New Year.

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