Posted on December 29, 2022 at 2:55 am

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Shiv Thakare becomes part of history as he becomes captain for the third time in a season of Bigg Boss!

Each day in the Bigg Boss 16 house brings us new twists and turns. From high voltage fights to non-stop entertainment, this season of Bigg Boss has been more happening than ever. But what caught our attention lately is the former Bigg Boss winner, who earned the ‘most dignified contestant’ tag by the audience who elected him as the captain for the third time making him the only contestant who became the captain of the house for the third time in one season.

Yesterday we saw, Audiences entering the house to vote for their most contestant and crowning them as the captain of the house and it was but obvious for them to choose Shiv Thakare owing to his power packed gameplay and witty nature! His fans hailed him everywhere on social media and celebrated his victory with great pomp. And Guess what? Shiv is one of the few contestants who emerged as the first ever contestant to become the captain for three times in one season making him the G.O.A.T in all aspects!

We also saw Archana getting shocked and insecure looking at Shiv’s popularity and craze. Sajid later on in one of his conversations said that ‘Priyanka is the main villain and Archana is the joker’ which became the second biggest highlight of the episode. But anyways, we have a clear winner this season, and that’s none other than our very own Aapla Maanus, Shiv Thakare!

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