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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Collar Bomb

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Asha Negi, Sparsh Shrivastava, Rajshri Deshpande

Directed By: Dnyanesh Zoting

OTT: Disney plus Hotstar

A dispute over Muhammad bin Tughlaq — was he the ruler of India or just the sultan of Delhi? – sets the tone for Dnyanesh Zoting’s Disney+ Hotstar thriller. Through the lens of a hostage scenario, the film examines misconceptions, stereotyping, and deceit.

‘Collar Bomb’ review: Jimmy Sheirgill and Asha Negi race against time is an engaging thriller!
‘Collar Bomb’ review: Jimmy Sheirgill and Asha Negi race against time is an engaging thriller!

A young man wearing a time bomb around his collar infiltrates a school gathering. Shoaib (Sparsh Srivastav) looks to be the town’s newest kohl-eyed Islamist terrorist. He selects out Manoj (Jimmy Sheirgill), who is at the occasion with his son Akshay (Naman Jain), and instructs him to complete a series of activities in order to prevent the bomb from detonating.

Manoj, a distinguished police officer, finds himself dancing to Shoaib’s music. Sumitra (Asha Negi), a local police officer, becomes involved when she realises there is more to Shoaib’s scheme than meets the eye.

Nikhil Nair’s script sets forth the twists without pausing to analyse the flaws. The 86-minute runtime manages to include an unexpected enemy, a skeleton in a character’s closet.

According to Manoj, the most terrifying crime is the unsolved one. Jimmy Sheirgill, one of Hindi cinema’s most consistent performers, delivers even when the narrative deviates. As the duty-bound police officer, Asha Negi is steady. Rajshri Deshpande, who plays a schoolteacher, sings a popular Marathi lullaby, which serves as the first hint that something is amiss.

Collar Bomb is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar

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