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Kamaljit Neeru A Legendary Singer Now Judge On PTC Punjabi

Kamaljit Neeru A Legendary Singer Now Judge On PTC Punjabi

Besides being beautiful, this lady has an incredible voice that has been serving the audience for many years. Kamaljit Neeru a woman of today’s world have been inspiring lives throughout her life. Wife of a former pilot Sukhbir Mangat and a mother of a police officer Neeru still takes pride in serving the community.

Neeru is also a stage performer where she wows her audience with her singing and dancing skills. Even though Kamaljit Neeru has been singing forever. She was first recognized globally with her song Setti Te Setti. This fashion fiesta carries herself with a complete grace and is very well known for her style.

Neeru has performed around the world and now she is all set to make her next move. She returns after 14 years as a Judge On PTC Punjabi for a Miss PTC Punjabi.

Kamaljit Neeru, or simply Neeru, is a Punjabi singer and dancer. She is known for her stage performances as well as her vocal quality. She has released a total of ten albums to date. Her most popular songs to date are; Seeti Te Seeti, Jadon Mera Lak Hilda, Rurha Mandi Jave, and Bhij Gaye Kurti Laal. In addition to her music, she is known for her support of local charities such as Sanjha Vehra Women’s Association raising funds for Breast Cancer research and helping fund education for children in India.

Neeru began her career as a hobby in England in 1982, at the time, the Punjabi community there was beginning to create its own musical identity. Originally Punjabi music had all come from Punjab, but there was a small Bhangra community in its infancy which was gaining popularity quite quickly. This was led by artists such as Alaap Group, Heera Group, Apna Sangeet, A.S Kang, and DCS.

One day, while having dinner, a family friend Baldev Mastana who was a well-known music director in England asked Neeru to join his group The Saathi’s.

Neeru’s first album was a collaboration with other artists, Duppatte Kale Urde which was released in 1982 with HMV. In this Album, Neeru performed her single Behja Behja Hoju Mitra.

Following the success of her single in the album, Neeru went on to release 9 solo albums and 7 collaborations with other artists such as Hans Raj Hans, Sardool Sikander, Harbhajan Mann, Sabar Koti, Satwinder Bugga, Amar Noori and the late Parminder Sandhu.

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