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Colloquy With Calgary Born Canadian Actor Director Vas Sarang

Colloquy With Calgary Born Canadian Actor Director Vas Sarang

Vas Sarang is a Calgary born Canadian actor and director. He played as Amar on the final season of Orphan Black and a Pentagon Specialist on CBS’ Salvation. Vas will be appearing in indie Little Italy alongside Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts.

Vas Saranga is best known for his leading role as Reese in the live-action animation hybrid “Mudpit“. Already a filmmaker of and an actor in several student short films during high school, he later attended York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Vas reveals more about himself and his passion in an interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love acting, filmmaking, photography, Seinfeld… oh, and my wife, my pets, my family, and telling people a little bit about myself.

You had quite an incredible journey as an actor. Which was your favorite project?
My favorite project was MudPit. The cast was hilarious and I had so much fun filming it. As a bonus, I learned how professional music is recorded in a studio and got to dust off my guitar skills.

How difficult was it to get a break as an actor? Talk about your first experience as an actor?
Getting my first gig took several years. I had to take classes, act in student films, build my experience and demo reel, and keep submitting to agents. Once I started going out on film & amp; TV auditions it took a while to land apart, my first major role was on the TVO show ‘A World of Wonders’. Filming it was a great experience. I experienced shooting on location with a small crew, working very closely with the director, and doing night shoots. Getting that first paycheque as an actor was wonderful too! That first gig prepared me for the opportunities that would come after it.

How was childhood like? Were you a born actor? Any stories from childhood that you would want to share?
I had a fun childhood. I’m one of three kids, so the house was never quiet. I grew up watching a lot of movies and imitating the characters on screen. I was a class clown in school. But even though there were signs at a young age that I could be a performer, it took me a while to actually figure out that I wanted to be an actor for a living.

Tell us a little bit about “Little Italy”.

Little Italy is a romantic comedy film about two rival families with competing pizzerias and the forbidden love that forms between the son of one pizzeria owner and the daughter of the other. My character Jogi is an enthusiastic assistant pizza maker who aspires to be a delivery boy like Hayden Christensen’s character Leo.

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What is a normal day for you?

Memorizing lines, reading scripts, going to auditions, shooting on set, writing my own scripts, talking to my agents/manager, spending time family/friends, and catching up on some TV.

What is your favorite destination for traveling and why?
Italy. I’ve been to Rome, Sorrento, and Amalfi. It’s just so incredibly beautiful. Tons of history and amazing architecture. So much to see, with great food and wine. But I still need to see Florence, Venice, and Sicily.

What do you think is your personal strength to be able to achieve so much?

I have the drive to learn as much as I possibly can about everything that I’m interested in. It comes in handy most of the time.

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Your personal favorite line for motivation

Never stop learning.

Some words for your fans

Thank you so much for watching my work. I am so grateful for your support!

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