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Interview With Jasmine Daya Author Of “JD In The Kitchen”

Interview With Jasmine Daya Author Of “JD In The Kitchen”

Interview With Jasmine Daya Author Of “JD In The Kitchen”. Toronto Author and Lawyer Jasmine Daya releases brand new cookbook JD in the Kitchen: Indian Appetizers and Chutneys available now on Amazon.Toronto author, lawyer and founder of the lifestyle website JD in the Kitchen, Jasmine Daya, releases her brand-­‐new cookbook JD In the Kitchen: Indian Appetizers and Chutneys. In her first cookbook, Jasmine shares recipes for delicious Indian appetizers and chutneys with East African influences intended to inspire both novice and experienced chefs to experiment in the kitchen and ultimately bring their culinary creations to life. In an interview, Jasmine reveals more about herself and her upcoming projects.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a wife and mother to three children ages six, eight, and 13. I am also a civil litigation lawyer specializing in personal injury, author of a chick-lit novel, Law Girl’s Bump in the Road and most recently I published my first cookbook JD in the Kitchen: Appetizers and Chutney’s.

Jasmine, you are a civil Litigation Lawyer. Then why a cookbook?

I absolutely love my day job advocating for clients as a lawyer, however, I truly believe that it’s important to have passions outside of the office. Litigation is intense. The fast pace and never-ending stress are constant and pursuing a passion outside of the office enable me to disconnect and reenergize which makes me a better mother and lawyer. I started with a food and lifestyle blog, and soon after published my first cookbook.

The recipes are quite amazing, but most of them are also deep fried. Why not a cookbook with health-conscious recipes?
You accurately point out that many of the recipes in my cookbook, Appetizers and Chutney’s are deeply fried. I believe my audience recognizes that everything is good in moderation and as Indian appetizers aren’t generally consumed on a daily basis, I’m not too concerned about the frying aspect. Upcoming cookbooks in my series will not have as many deep-fried recipes and there will certainly be healthier options.

Describe the route to your first book published.

Publishing my first cookbook was definitely a challenging process not only due to the many steps required but also because it was unlike anything I had ever worked on before. There is was no step by step guide on how to create and publish an Indian cookbook so there was a steep learning curve. I triple-tested the recipes, drafted the manuscript, worked with a professional photographer, had the cookbook edited and then reviewed the final manuscript. I ensured that I directed every part of the process including choosing the size of the book, the paper type and the color of the spiral coil binding among many other details. Finally seeing the finished product has been extremely rewarding.

Which is your personal favorite recipe of all?

Ismailia bhajia! I can’t stop eating them as they come out of the oil.

What is your personal favorite cuisine?

Italian. I could eat spaghetti every day.

Have you ever thought about making your podcast as a chef?

I haven’t thought about a cooking podcast because I love the visual aspect of food. Listening to a podcast may be a bit of a tease given that you can’t see or taste the delicious food that I would be talking about but I’ve learned to never say never!

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is Harper Lee for writing the book, To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the first book I read that impacted me emotionally. I cried while reading about the injustice that transpired in the courtroom, I could not put the book down. I believe that this book inspired me to truly help people and advocate for those in need which is what I do as a personal injury lawyer.

Are we expecting more cookbooks in the near future?
More cookbooks are most certainly on the way. I’m in the process of finalizing Indian Teatime Snacks and Indian Desserts. Stay tuned!

What is the plan for the next few years?
I am blessed to be living the life that I want to live, and my plan is to continue doing just that. My parents, husband, and children around me and bring me happiness that only a family can provide. My work as a personal injury lawyer fulfills me and challenges me. JD in the Kitchen, both the food and lifestyle blog as well as the cookbook series brings me joy as I am able to pursue this passion project to heights I never imagined. The cookbooks are a collaboration with my mother and the recipe testing with her has enabled us to spend quality time together that we otherwise would never have had. I have no intention of slowing down, I am having way too much fun on this ride!

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