Posted on November 9, 2018 at 7:57 pm

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“Say Sharjah!” Conducted by Fitzup

"Say Sharjah!" Conducted by Fitzup

FitZup, a fitness brand, will be conducting a travel show  in Sharjah, “Say Sharjah!” from 10th to 15th November, 2018. TV celebs like Helly Shah, Kanchi Singh, Tanya Sharma, Rohan Mehra and Abigal Pandey will similarly be a part of this tour.

After three successful International tours, FitZup is all set to reveal yet another tour. Above all, it is UNESCO nominated “The Cultural Capital of the Arab World”. Sharjah – a weekend getaway probably waiting to happen for the keen Indian traveler.

FitZup along with a team of top Indian celebrities will explore the amazing experiences of this land. The emirate of Sharjah is well-known for its rich, cultural heritage. First of all, an identity that has been recognized a number of times as also shown by richly deserved awards; the Cultural Capital of the Arab World 1998 and Islamic Culture Capital 2014. It is a vibrant city with an exciting food and arts scene. A heritage area that is the largest restoration project in the region along with various commercial centers and over 22 museums.

Sharjah is the perfect example of a place where past meets present and the cultural values and heritage are truly part of everyday life…visit the Cultural emirate and immerse yourself in the art, science, values and traditions of the region.

The core purpose of “Say Sharjah”:

It focuses on the idea that if you say any experience. Sharjah offers that and more. For Indians, the celebrities will showcase the range of activities from adventure like dune driving, to the exhibitions, to the beaches and enjoying special Emirati warmth and hospitality.

We have vibrant and glamorous celebrities with us on board for the ”Say Sharjah” Travel Show who will be exploring this rich Emirate… and they are Kanchi Singh, Rohan Mehra, Helly Shah, Tanya Sharma & Abigail Pande.

Sunny Arora, Founder of FitZup says, “FitZup Travel is one of the main vertical of FitZup. We plan with rather various destinations which are unexplored and offbeat. We organize the conceptual tours with Tourism boards to create content.

The reason to zero in on Sharjah:

Rich culture, heritage, arts, food and more. In addition, the emirate offers a great opportunity for a weekend getaway for Indians; close-by, affordable and amazing! We shall boost this exposure through celebrities’ digital reach. They will keep audiences engaged sharing exclusive pictures and videos from their Sharjah journey. We can’t wait to discover Sharjah; yet another FitZup Travel’s show”.


Mr. Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman, Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) says,

“We are very excited to unveil this destination, with attractions which every traveler desires. Sharjah is a perfect Weekend Getaway, close, affordable and exciting for all ages, hearts & souls!”

The tour commences on 10th November, 2018!


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