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In the summer of 2017, Amrita Gill and Eman Kazmi launched The Serial Activists with the determination to change the way audiences perceive Hindi serials and challenge the obstacles that the industry faces. At the beginning of 2018, they decided to take their argument further and diversify their website. The process took nearly a year as they finalised the way forward for their podcast and they are now back!

The Serial Activists’ have decided to streamline their content but are also expanding across mediums. Going forward, there will be a fair few changes:

  • Their website is getting a significant overhaul.
  • The Serial Activists are no longer a podcast but a project.
  • Their previous series’ of podcasts (like the Case Studies) etc will no longer feature amongst their content.
  • Their podcasts will first release on Urban Asian and then later on their own YouTube platform.
  • They will be releasing a book.
  • Their podcasts will be will be bi-monthly.

“One of the issues we were facing was turnover of events in the industry. However due to our busy schedules, we weren’t able to discuss them when they happened.”, said Amrita. “We realised that our schedule and very structured podcasts were preventing us from engaging actively in the ongoings!”

A year of pre-production later…

Another year of pre-production, countless meetings and recordings later, Amrita and Eman finally narrowed down how they were going to approach the next phase in their project. With The Serial Activists project acquiring a more sombre and academic tone, the duo still wanted a space where they could continue to be unfiltered.

“We first discussed the possibility of releasing articles on a regular basis as well as conducting interviews“ recalled Eman. “However, it became increasingly evident that it wouldn’t be feasible. Nonetheless, we were determined that what we have learned ought to be compiled so the idea for the book was born. The book required extensive research and as a result, took a lot more time than anticipated but it was important for us to be thorough. 

The first episode of Serial Activists: Uncensored will be releasing on November 9th, 2018 on Urban Asian.

Click this link to listen to the podcast!

About The Serial Activists

The Serial Activists is a global project founded by Amrita Gill and Eman Kazmi, who began pre-production work on the podcast in 2016 and launched at the beginning of May 2017. All original content on their website and social media platforms is copyrighted. While the project is exclusively about Hindi serials and the Hindi serial industry, The Serial Activists is not associated with any actor/actress, production house, channel, media outlet and fan club, and therefore any opinion expressed by the podcasters is their own, as they are not a promotional platform, paid or otherwise. To learn more about The Serial Activists, please visit

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