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The Inside Scoop With Some Cast Members of 3 Days to Go!

3 Days To Go Scoop with Some of The Amazing Cast Members!

3 Days to Go Cast

3 Days to Go: South African Movie 3 Days to Go has been the talk of the town! The wait is unbearable as everyone sets eyes on the trailer and wanting more! We had the privilege of speaking to some of the cast members regarding their journey regarding the movie and their own personal development. Here is what some of the cast members had to say regarding our first set of 4 questions! Be on the look out for our articles for more to come!

What did you enjoy most about working on this production?

Leeanda Reddy: Long before we started filming I was really excited about the prospect of being on a new film set. Getting to play a new character. We got to film on stunning locations and sets. I also got to reconnect with some friends that I have worked with before, as well as work, for the first time, with people that I have admired.

Kajal Bagwandeen: It would have to be working on the creative process, finding the actors, sharing a vision and then seeing it all come together during shoot and on the big screen.

Kiara Govender: I enjoyed this entire experience but mostly enjoyed the interaction with such talented cast & crew, We had plenty humorous discussions, it was too fun and I also enjoyed performing my character

What is one thing you learned from your fellow actors and actresses whilst on set?

Kajal Bagwandeen; Being humble, patient and a team player contributes to the overall success of the film.

Kiara Govender : One thing I’ve learnt from them was that no matter what your title is in the movie industry, being humble about it makes your presence so delightful and makes people happy to work with you.

Being in a predominantly local South Asian production, what do you hope to achieve regarding your community and this movie in terms of acknowledgement?

Leeanda Reddy: Firstly I think the story and characters will certainly resonate with the South African Indian community. But will also, most definitely, appeal to a larger audience across cultures and race groups. We hope that collectively as a team we are able to tell an authentic, local story as best we can. Provide great entertainment and representation while doing so.

Kajal Bagwandeen: We would love for the communities we grew up in to support us by watching the film. If they are moved by it in any way – our job is done. Although the film is focused around a family of indian origin, the stories in the film are universal. Anyone anywhere who knows what families are like, will relate to and enjoy it.

Kiara Govender: I hope that everyone in this community will be able to use this movie as an eye- opener. Everyone will be able to relate to this movie to their lives in some way and I would love everyone to see that nothing is perfect, when it comes to family. I would also like everyone to acknowledge how important family really is and how much we need to have family part of our lives. Also that, we are some how able to control every situation with our re-actions and attitude towards it.

What was it like to work with Lillette Dubey and what do you admire most about her as an actress?

Leeanda Reddy: I admire her confidence and effortlessness as an actress. This comes from years of great achievements and honing her skills in various mediums as a performer. I most enjoyed our conversations off the set. Not only is she talented but she is also very intelligent and witty. She shared so much insight on her experiences, not just in her career but life in general  and gave me some great advice on how to cope in the challenging industry that our performing arts is. As a big fan of hers, I was delighted to meet and work with her.

Kajal Bagwandeen: She is a phenomenal actress who’s energy and charisma is palpable. To be honest, I was starstruck when I first met her. Following and admiring an artist from a far and then being able to work with that person is an rare opportunity for any actor. I feel immensely privileged  to have worked with her. She is humble and a team player of note! There was a day on set where she only had 1 line to deliver. She was there for the full 12 hours and delivered her 1 line with the same passion and conviction every single time. Now that’s aspirational work ethic.

Kiara Govender: It was phenomenal, she made me feel as if I was actually her “real” grand-daughter, she is honestly really kind and funny. I admire that she is an international Bollywood actor yet she is so own to earth and humble about it.

This is a story that everyone can relate to. Every household has a story and family is where it all begins! 3 Days to Go will be in cinema’s on 25 January 2019.

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