Posted on November 9, 2018 at 8:50 pm

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The Inside Scoop with Director Bianca Isaac – 3 Days to Go

3 Days To Go and The Amazing Director Bianca Isaac

Bianca Isaacs


South African film 3 Days to Go : tells a story of adult siblings who are forced to return to their childhood home after the passing of their father. It shows the story of surviving three days in each others company under one rather small roof! Above all, having to spread their father’s ashes and parting ways after those three days!

We had the amazing privilege of getting some inside scoop from the cast and team behind the magic ! We love hearing more about the experiences behind the camera! The brains behind the most emotional yet rather inspiring movie was award-winning producer and director Bianca Isaac. Most noteworthy for drama series UmilioSwartwater, Kruispad and Getroud met Rugby. Here is what Director, Bianca Isaac shared with us!

 Bianca Isaacs 3 days to go

1. What inspired the main idea behind 3 days to go? Is there any personal prevalence to this story? How did the concept come about?

Family, family and family. We all have experienced death in our families; as the story unfolds it becomes a personal one, and so it will with the audience. I wanted to make a family film. When you think about family gatherings, we think wedding. I thought why not a funeral. Sharing the death experience is something all families go through.

2. What motivates you regarding production in general?

Everything about making films motivates me. Most importantly I need to fall in love with the script.

Bianca Isaacs

3. What is your ultimate goal regarding this movie and how do you hope it would captivate your audience?

For every family to watch this movie; South Asian and the rest of South Africa. The film takes you on a journey from laughter into the family dynamics, sadness, drama and happiness. The characters in the film are extremely relatable. When you watch the film, you will be able to say… I have an aunt like this OR my cousin went through this OR this happened to me and my family.

4. What would you want your audience to learn from this movie?

Family is hard work. They may not do what you want them to do, they will make selfish decisions and they will drive you insane but; they will always be our family and all we can do is be there for each other and love them; bringing to light the themes of family bond and love.

Bianca Isaacs

5. The movie is predominantly focused on South Asian family dynamics. Many people can relate to this film. How do you think it will impact on our South Asian community?

Many people will watch the film and see a reflection of themselves or someone they know. The film offers insight into another family’s life, their drama and how they dealt with it. It might help someone in their current situation.

6. How would you hope to improve local South Asian talent within the entertainment industry using your amazing production talent?

We have amazing South Asian talent – which the film shows off beautifully. There is great opportunity to mix young talent with our existing talent – to enable growth for younger talent.

7. Do you think this film will increase and bring about more South Asian recognition, if so how?

Yes, I believe this film will bring us more recognition. The film has potential to travel outside South Africa which will open doors internationally for the artists as well as the film makers.

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