Posted on October 21, 2017 at 7:30 pm

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Diwali Special: TV Celebs talk about which cracker they resemble


Phuljhadi, Anaar or Chakri, aren’t there just so so many crackers in the market today? Well, this Diwali, entertainment folks talk about which firecracker they associate themselves with.

Priyanka Negi

I think I resemble an anaar because the story of my life is “ek anaar, sau bimaar!” Where ever I go, people shower me with so much love that I feel like a sparkling anaar, basking in the love and light.

Dalljiet Kaur

I think I will associate myself with a phuljhadi because not only is it safe but also the most loved cracker for all age groups. I like to believe that people of all age groups can relate to me and bond with me.

Supriya Kumari

I resemble the sutali bomb as I will I am also a chota packet, bada dhamaka. It’s funny but that’s how I feel about myself! I am very spontaneous as a person and I feel that keeps me energised all the time.

Rishikesh Ingley

I would like to say that I resemble the sparkling rocket that spreads colourful lights in the sky. I, too, like to add colour and light to people’s lives and spread happiness around me.

Sehban Azim

I am a diya, that is how I am. I am calm and composed, simply spreading as much light as I can. I am consistent and persistent. I am the light which consumes as less as possible to last long. I fight strong winds to survive and I don’t cry or make loud sounds about it. Maybe it is boring, but it is simple and that is the way I am.

Jasmin Bhasin

I resemble a phuljhadi because I am bright, lively and joyful. A phuljhadi is the simplest firecracker and I also feel that I am a very simple person. What you see on my face, is exactly how I am feeling.

Shakti Arora

I resemble a rassi bomb because I make sure whatever I take up, it has to make some noise. Plus, it is also my favourite fire cracker and I love it.


I am a chakri because I am always running in circles, trying to do everything. A chakri is full of energy and gives light everywhere, which is how, I feel, I am as well.

Rohit Bhardwaj

I resemble a rocket as I always think big, dream big and do big and want to touch the sky.

Rohit Purohit

I resemble an atom bomb. I am unpredictable and has the power too to express when I want to.

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