Posted on October 22, 2017 at 5:30 am

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Gauri Pradhan: Since I met Hiten, this is my first Diwali without him


While everyone gears up to celebrate Diwali with their families, actor Gauri Pradhan celebrated the festival without her husband Hiten Tejwani. The actor is locked up at the Bigg Boss 11 house. However, Gauri isn’t complaining. She says,

“This is the first Diwali since I have met Hiten, that we are not together. The kids and I are missing him a lot. He has never stayed away from us for more than two weeks at a stretch, but we are all getting used to it…it’s tough though. Diwali is all about getting together with family and friends and enjoying your time together. All our previous Diwalis, we have always been with family and friends at home. Hiten loves to play cards and we always host and plan these parties.”

The actor is proud of her husband’s performance in the show.

“I think he is doing very well in Bigg Boss. He’s very calm and composed. Otherwise also he rarely loses his calm…so he’s just being himself! I think he’s doing a great job.”

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