Posted on October 21, 2017 at 7:24 pm

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Diwali Special: Which Diwali Phataka does Karamphaldata Shani cast remind you off?


Phuljhadi, Rocket or Rassi Bomb; aren’t there so many! Well, the star cast of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s (Swastik Productions) Shani talk about their plans on Diwali and the cracker they resemble the most!

Praneet Sharma

I love Diwali very much as I always celebrate this festival with my whole family. The cracker, I resemble most is a rocket as I want to spread happiness in the whole world and my goal is to achieve that height, to which a rocket goes before it disintegrates into wonderful sparks of light.

Zohaib Siddiqui

I intend to celebrate Diwali with friends and family this year. This has become a tradition over the years. I used to love firecrackers but I realised that it creates a lot of noise and pollution thereby polluting our environment, therefore this time it’s going to be a noiseless and pollution free Diwali. One cracker, I remember is chakri and the dance I used to do after firing it up. It was like dancing on fire. It made me feel invincible and I can really relate to it.

Dhrisha Kalyani

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is one of the greatest Hindu festivals that India celebrates with great pomp and splendour. I like to wear new clothes and share sweets with my friends and family, I like to light diyas in my house and make Rangoli. I think, I resemble a fountain as I spread love in everyone’s heart, as a fountain spread its light.

Kartikey Malviya

Diwali is the grandest of all the festivals and that is why it is my favourite. I love crackers but my mother says that it creates air pollution, instead of that we distribute sweets among the poor kids, so that they can also enjoy their Diwali. I think I resemble a rocket because like a rocket, I want to always fly high.

Kunal Bakshi

It is going to be a working Diwali this year for me. I don’t mind because I love working, be it any day. I resemble a rassi bomb because my voice and the character I am playing right now (Devraj Indra) keeps doing big dhamakas, just like the bomb.

Tarun Khanna

I love the spirit of Diwali and the idea behind the festival. I think I resemble a rocket. I also want to reach far off places like a rocket. Also, I am also straight like a rocket.

Juhi Parmar

I am going to celebrate Diwali with family and friends this year, like always. That is all I want on Diwali, to be happy, laugh and enjoy good food, with people I love. I think, I am like a phuljhadi. I am lively. I love to brighten up the atmosphere wherever I go and I ignite laughter and fun in others too, like phuljhadi ignites other crackers.

Salil Ankola

I will be at home with my family as for us Konkanis, Diwali is a big occasion. We have a big Pooja at home and the whole house is brightly lit with lots of diyas. We binge on lots of mithais and food. This year we also have friends coming over. Of course, there will be shopping included. So, it will be a fun-filled splurge day. I think I resemble a Parachute. I also fly off with a bang, reach the summit and sail through the wind. I flow through life similarly with a sparkle, spreading smiles over all faces who meet and see me.

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