Posted on July 6, 2016 at 4:17 pm

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Neeraj Pandey becomes victim of a social media scam!

Neeraj Pandey, director of critically acclaimed films such as Baby, Special 26 and A Wednesday, made an official statement today concerning an imposter impersonating him on Social Media websites.


In an interview with the media he said,

“I urge all the actors and actresses to stay alert and not share any personal details with any individuals without doing a background check. Casting for a movie is a detailed and responsible process for which an official casting team is hired. It’s highly improbable that a director will personally put out a ‘Casting or Audition call’ on social media. Especially not me, who doesn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter profile.”

Neeraj Pandey has already filed an FIR with the police and the cyber cell unit. The police have begun their investigation and hope to catch the imposter before any unsuspecting person becomes his victim.