Posted on July 6, 2016 at 3:13 pm

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#HappyBirthdayRanveer: 10 things we love about birthday boy Ranveer Singh!

On 6 July, ‘Dilli ka launda’ Ranveer Singh celebrated his 31st birthday with tons of fanfare. After another banner year, the star tweeted his appreciation for all the good wishes pouring in from millions of fans around the world.

In honor of the birthday boy, here are ten reasons we here at UrbanAsian are obsessed with Bollywood’s newest golden child!

1. His energy

Like the energizer bunny, Ranveer Singh just keeps going…and going…and going…and going. He hit the ground running in his 2010 debut film Band Baaja Baaraat, and he hasn’t slowed down since, delivering hit after hit and growing from strength to strength. We’re amazed at the sheer amount of energy and excitement Ranveer seems to bring with him to work every morning; his attitude is certainly a refreshing change of pace from those stars who give off a too-cool-to-care vibe!

2. He’s #BoyfriendGoals

Everyone knows about Ranveer’s equation with “good friend” Deepika Padukone. The couple met on the set of the monstrously successful Ram-Leela, and everything has been coming up roses for the two ever since. While they may not choose to publicly label their relationship, they’ve never been shy in expressing their affection for each other. Ranveer, in particular, goes out of his way to sing Deepika’s praises…as every good boyfriend should!

3. His wicked sense of humor

Ranveer’s sense of humor might best be described as a mix of brazen confidence, a large dose of self-deprecation, a dash of vulgarity, and a sprinkling of corniness. The end result is a superstar who is just as comfortable laughing at himself as he is laughing at (and with) everyone else. We’re not sure how he does it, but he manages to walk the thin line between ‘hilarious’ and ‘totally inappropriate’, and we can’t get enough!

4. His wacky wardrobe


We’re not sure who decided that fashion should be taken so seriously, but after seeing Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe, we’d like them to kindly reconsider! Sure, it’s nice to find yourself on the latest Best Dressed list, but life is just more fun when you have no f*cks to give.

5. His bangin’ bod


At the risk of sounding crude, anyone with two eyes and a heartbeat would swoon over that body. Who would have thought that all those muscles were hiding under those crazy outfits?!

6. His ‘baba’ bromance


Who can resist two cute boys bonding? Not us! Ranveer’s bromance with his ‘baba’ Arjun Kapoor is one of the cutest friendships in B-town. Every time these two get together, fans are guaranteed big laughs!

7. He’s a major fanboy

It’s not just Arjun Kapoor who Ranveer goes hard for…he makes a show of support for most people in the industry! Whether it’s legendary actors like Big B, girlfriend Deepika Padukone, his female costars like Anushka Sharma and Parineeti Chopra, or competitors like Fawad Khan, Ranveer always has time and a kind word to spare for other members of the film fraternity.

8. He has chemistry with literally EVERYBODY


As we speak, some corner of the internet is probably alight with heated debates over which costar Ranveer shares the best chemistry with. We don’t blame the fans…it’s hard to choose only one favorite jodi when Ranveer seems to look good with just about everybody! From Deepika to Anushka to Sonakshi to Parineeti, Ranveer simmers onscreen with all his female colleagues. We can’t wait to see who he’s paired with next!

9. His activism


Whether it’s ending hunger or advocating for safe sex, Ranveer is always up to lend his voice to a worthy cause. But more than that, he gives his all to these causes, pitching them in a unique and charming way that only he can.

10. He’s crazy talented!


Funny, introspective, brooding, macho, charming, boyish…name the quality, and Ranveer has probably nailed its portrayal onscreen. When you look at his filmography, it’s crazy to think how much range he’s shown in just a few short years. After all, who would have imagined that one day the nerdy Bittoo Sharma would become the mighty Bajirao? At the end of the day, talent wins over everything, and Ranveer Singh certainly has that in abundance.