Posted on June 4, 2016 at 11:39 am

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#WorldEnvironmentDay: Meet the Eco-friendly actors of the 21st century!

Day by day, the world is being depleted of its beauty and its resources. Because of this, Mother Earth is no longer a safe environment for us to live in. Creating a safer environment for ourselves is our own responsibility. Watch how these stars create a safe environment for themselves and the people they love.


Dhruv Singh – Environment Day is a very big day and anyway I don’t use plastic at all. I use paper bags also when I am traveling in the car I don’t throw garbage on the road. In fact there was an incident when I was travelling in Delhi that someone had threw peeled banana on the road and I picked it up and stored it in my paper bag and threw it in the dustbin. I request the government also to increase the number of dustbins and find people if they are not able to put it in the bin. It’s very important because if we cannot start it from our home then what will we do it outside . So we should never use plastic and we should help in developing the environment because the mother earth is heating up and try avoiding the use of plastic as it’s very dangerous for the earth and we should recycle everything as much as possible.

Mohammad Nazim

Mohmmad Nazim – I have made an arrangement back home in India, to put a few plants in my balcony and also to plant few outside near my street so that they grow into big trees. Currently I am in Australia and I am avoiding to go around in the car and have called for a bicycle from a friend to go around and I love it.

Sandeep Anand

Sandeep Anand – As an actor I do aware people always in my interview what is the harm we will get by not taking care of the environment also I personally try everything possible not to mess with the nature in my hometown Ujjain. I plant saplings every year during early monsoon. I do not use any kind of product with is not environment friendly. Few basic things in my life I follow if you will give love you will get love in return and love from nature is unconditional always.


Saurabh Pandey – Taking care of our environment is our sole duty and we all must do our bit because after all this Earth is our home. Since my childhood I have been involved in nature activities. I love planting trees and that’s what I will do more on 5th also. If everyone just plants one tree a day, such a small and simple thing for all of us, it will make a big difference to earth and our Eco-system.


Amal Sehrawat – Saving water has been my utmost priority. I have trained my house helpers to not waste even a drop because maximum water is used in daily chores. Also when I eat out I allow my glass to be filled only half at a time. So that I drink it all and waste none. Car pooling is something I have been doing from a long time and lately I have cut down using cars and started walking atleast to nearby places.

Sanjay Gagnani

Sanjay Gagnani– I don’t use plastic bags and I even do car pooling with friends. That saves traffic situation and pollution is also under control.

Asmita Sood

Asmita Sood– I ensure that water used for vegetable washing is recycled and used in potted plants. I plant saplings every month. I plant more in rainy season.


Aniruddh Dave– I believe in using all products which are only environment friendly. I don’t eat if anything is served in plastic plates.Initiative has to be taken by every individual.


Shivin Narang – I am from Delhi and we don’t throw any garbage no road. My parents have inculcated particular values and being environment friendly is one of them. I also ensure my car is checked for Puc regularly.

Laksh Lalwani

Laksh Lalwani– I am from Delhi and I have used car pooling often in Delhi. My career is now in Mumbai I ensure I don’t use any product which is not environment friendly. I don’t use plastic bags while shopping.

Krishna Gokani– I ensure that we don’t throw wet and dry garbage together. I am very particular and dont even use palstic bags.

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