Posted on June 2, 2016 at 4:06 am

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Want some tips to getting the perfect eyebrows?

“Eyebrows on fleek” Hmm.. Nowadays everyone is extremely furious with their eyebrows and for teens it tends to be the more talked about fashion needs. Sometimes do you notice that one of your eyebrow is better than the other? I think that almost everyone goes through this stage because it really all just depends on the shape of your face.


There are pros and cons to both waxing and threading your eyebrows. If you wax your eyebrows, in my opinion it is painful! It costs a lot more than threading but it does last a little longer than threading does. With waxing it is easier to shape your eyebrows. On the other hand, threading if you want a definite shape and really clean outcome threading is one of the greatest things to do! Yeah, sometimes it is very difficult to find some who does threading but i think it is worth the wait. If you are really sensitive about your skin, threading is a very good option for you.



The shape of your face really plays a big role in eyebrows. For example, if your face is long then flat eyebrows are suggested for you. If you have sharp features or an angled face, you should go for a round or soft curved shape. If you have a round or curved face, then you should go for an angled eyebrow look.



Now, lets talk about the five basic shapes of eyebrows. There are five basic eyebrow shapes, rounded, hard angled, soft angled, “S” shaped, and flat. People have different face structures and it which shape is definite for you really depends on your face.  Rounded eyebrows tend to have no angle, just a curve.. Meaning no definite shape, just like it sounds it would be in a round arch shape. Hard Angled would if you wanted a really sharp angle. Soft Angled tends to have an angle with very soft curves, it is sharp but it is a very moderate level of sharpness. “S” shaped eyebrows is more of a hybrid curve with a sharp angle. It sort of looks like an S.  Flat eyebrows is basically a straight line with no curve or no angle.

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