Posted on January 23, 2016 at 5:46 pm

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Living in the South and being trapped in Wintry Weather!

If you are from the Southern half of the United States, well you will just not understand the struggle of being part of this #2016Blizzard! And if you aren’t from the South, you are either laughing at us, or simply unaware of what it’s like to be in such situations.

I’m from North Carolina, and the city of Oaks aka Raleigh! When you live in a state like NC, problems are bound to occur when the weather is something other than just sunny and Carolina blue skies.

1. The day before the winter storm I realized, IF I end up getting trapped at home I will need some good food to munch on. So I went to the grocery store on Thursday and this is what I ran into…

Empty shelves, long lines, and just lot’s of talk about what IF the storm doesn’t actually happen!?

2. But because my instincts were correct, I ended up eating half the food I purchased and probably gained a few pounds in less than 24 hours.

3. If you have a dog. You can relate to this one. My dog refused to poop on icy grass. So I had to shovel all this ice off my grass… I don’t blame her though. The grass has turned into little green icicles!

4. Luckily I did not lose electricity, where over 100,000 homes across the triangle did. But I woke up this morning finding out the internet lines are down…now this is a problem. How does one function without WiFi??????

5. And lastly… well. Basically we’re closed…


Even though it’s not the greatest ordeal to be trapped at home. It’s better than being out in this ice storm where hundreds of people in the area are facing car wrecks and injuries. From the UA team, please stay in, warm, and safe! And keep your pets in too!