Posted on January 23, 2016 at 4:34 pm

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#BB9: Five reason why Mandana Karimi is the real winner of Bigg Boss 9!

After a gruesome three months, Iranian beauty Mandana Karimi completed her successful stint in the Bigg Boss house at third place. In just three months the Kyaa Kool Hai Hum actress proved that she is not only a deserving celebrity but the real winner of the season. Here’s why we believe Mandana is the real winner of Bigg Boss 9!

Mandana Karimi - Pic 9 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

International Star

Mandana Karimi is one of the few international celebrity contestants to embrace the Indian culture. From her ability to adapt to other contestants to her undying attempt to improve her Hindi, the actress gave it her all to represent herself as a lawful Indian citizen.

Mandana Karimi - Pic 10 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

On Point!

A daring diva, Mandana was never afraid to make her voice heard on the show. Whether it be her disagreements with good friend Rochelle Rao or her never ending quarrels with a winner Prince Narula, Mandana stood her ground and made her opinion known come what may.

Mandana Karimi on Bigg Boss - Pic 3 (Image Courtesy - Colors)
Owing Up

Unlike many contestants, Mandana made it a point to own up to her mistakes (the very few she made). Her ability to come clean on any mishaps she may have committed made her a true hero inside the house.

Mandana Karimi with guest Sonam Kapoor on Bigg Boss. (Image Courtesy - Colors.)

Leadership Qualities

Whether she was the captain or not, Mandana displayed impeccable leadership qualities within the house. When her fellow contestants showed signed of defeat, she encouraged them like a true leader would. She took charge of her duties and completed them with honesty and dedication.

Mandana Karimi with other contestants on Bigg Boss. (Image Courtesy - Colors.)

21st Century Woman

An outstanding example of the 21st century woman, Mandana blended together the best of both worlds. While she carried herself in a dignified manner as most outstanding women do, she was never afraid to get down and dirty. Avoiding politics, she confronted the game head on and completed the journey into the final week without swaying from her morals and values. Her courage, dedication, will power and charisma make her an ideal representation of the 21st century woman.

With or without a trophy, Mandana is a true winner!